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Crashing on loading screen with almost all .asi files

  • Hello.

    my first post.

    iam not new to gta modding but i cant find out this problem.

    I did a fresh install of gta v from steam. installed the redux mod.

    evrything starts up nice. started openiv and added asi loader and etc. also added scripthookv.
    after this its all good.

    then i added the menyoo trainer, wont start crashed on loading screen. removed menyoo.asi. works
    i then added the commuity mod menu, this works fine

    enablempcars.asi = Crash on loading screen
    mpimportexport.asi = Crash on loading screen
    menyoo.asi = crash on loading screen
    bennys motorwork = cash on loading screen

    Remove all and keep the comminity mod menu, starts upp fine.

    why ?

  • @robban98422 They must be conflicting with the community mod menu... I use them all & they work fine. I never saw a point for a mod menue. Just keep all your zips & delete the .asi/.dll files of the mods your not using at the moment.

  • but the menyoo wont work, even if i delete the communiuty mod menu.

    i want some kind of menu, so i choosed the one that worked :P

    Edit: are you using redux mod to?

  • What are your specs?

  • Windows 10 x64
    Two monitors
    I7 6700k
    Geforce 1070
    16gb ram

    Just a clean install of gta v + redux mod ( no cars, no other addons )

    menyoo crashes
    mpimportexport crashes
    bennys motorwork crashes
    native trainer ( thats included in the scripthook rar) crashes?

    it has to be the redux mod that causes this ?

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