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[MISC][WIP] GTA Multiplayer Project

  • So I'm currently working on a new alternative GTA V Multiplayer as I always wanted the ability to create own dedicated servers with server sided scripting functions. The most projects were dumped really fast by their developers and their synchronisation wasn't very good at all.
    So I decided to start my own little project which I'm planning to expand from time to time.

    Currently I'm focusing on the On Foot sync but it's still quite buggy. I thought I might still share a small little video which shows the current progress. It's not much, but it's a start.

    I will probably update this thread once I've archived something new.

  • @Oskar rockstar might come hunting on your A..

  • @FoxtrotDelta Well the mod isn't near to any release state so Rockstar or better TakeTwo won't care at the moment. And the time will come when they will abolish GTA Online and they really don't care about third party multiplayers anymore. Just look at GTA:SAMP or IV:MP.
    Besides that, I haven't left my personal information anywhere on the internet.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I think he will be fine so long as he is not using the core networking infrastructure of the rage engine (like citizenV). Other such projects have been fine (like the multiplayer created by GuadModz).

  • @CamxxCore Yeah, exactly!
    @Frazzlee Thanks, you got a point there. Removed my PayPal, it shouldn't look like that I wanna earn cash with it otherewise TakeTwo might go crazy, lol.

  • @Oskar But to be perfectly honest, anything that draws attention away from their flagship mode GTAO, would raise some eyebrows. If a multiplayer mod gained enough traction that it was drawing people away, they probably wouldn't think twice about trying to take it down.

  • @CamxxCore Yeah but GTA Online won't live forever and the mod isn't anywhere near a release so I guess the time will tell what happens.

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