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Concerns over auto-hyperlink creation.

  • I have just been into a thread with someone asking about scripts not working, this thread to be exact: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/4858/scripts-not-loading

    You will notice that there are words that have been converted to a hyperlink, that when clicked, have nothing to do with what you assume that hyperlink would be.

    My concerns are that an inadvertent combination of words, could result in a hyperlink being created to a site that could be compromised. Is there any way to restrict how the hyperlinks are created, or to only have them created when you specifically choose the Link option?

  • @yeahhmonkey If you look in the bottom left corner of your browser, it shows the website it will go to, but in the case of that thread I linked to, scripthookv.net (which is what appears in that corner... try it on that link) has nothing to do with ScriptHookV .Net

    If you just happen to type a sentence with a period, that isn't followed by a space, it can create a link. But if the combination of words results in a valid website address, that link becomes a very functional link.

  • @Frazzlee Not too sure, NodeBB seems to use a plugin system which allows features to be turned on and off. I guess it depends on whether this is an integrated feature, or a plugin.

    I'm still looking through the NodeBB forums at the moment but haven't spotted anything about it as of yet.

  • Yeah would be best to only do auto hyperlinks if it starts with http, https or www. Will see where that's set, it's most likely in the NodeBB core code.

  • @rappo I spent a good while on the NodeBB boards but couldn't find anything similar to get an idea of if it was possible. It seems some things can be done through plugins, others need CSS style settings... so I came away none the wiser.

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