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[VEHICLE][WIP] Caio Vitoria MB OF-1318

  • The CAIO Vitória is a brazilian bus manufactured and sold by Caio (duh), produced from the years 1986 to 1996, and made on a variety of different chassis and body configurations, adapting to various emerging markets, like the Chilean one.

    The model that i'm doing is the chilean-configured version, with a single door at the front, and double doors at the rear, and on a Mercedes Benz OF-1318 chassi.

    The 3d quality itself is pretty decent, ( aside from the fucking 470K polygons used on the interior, and 60k on the exterior ) has a complete dashboard and other gimmicks to make it look like it's brand new.
    Also it has 5 paintjobs made by me, based on it's real counterparts, all of them on 4K quality.

    Stock ENTP paintjob ( originally for promotional photos of the IRL model )
    alt text
    A typical "Micro Amarilla" paintjob
    alt text
    Expreso San Bernardo, interurban buses for urban trams
    alt text
    One of the many stock paintjobs, the chilean military has Vitorias with it
    alt text
    Another stock paintjob, used for promotion photos on Brazil
    alt text
    Really hope that i'm able to release this bus on December 25th.
    Leave your opinions, please.

    Also,fixed the UV Map error of the previous post, the solution was simple as hell :

    • Select/Quadr, select the models with UV Problems
    • Open the Properties menu ( next to Structure ) , General -> Mesh -> Vertices -> Format
    • Set the UV channels to 3
    • Remap the parts with UV errors

    the last thing that i wanna ask is how i modifiy chassis [col], i can't seem to edit it's vertices, polygons, i can just move or scale it on object mode.

  • reserving this so i can post game pics later

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