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[TOOL] RailCar Mod idea

  • This mod is the Railcar mod. This mod allows you to drive normal vehicles on the train tracks. For the mod to be activated, you need to find the nearest railroad track, and enable a menu. This menu will then give you 2 options. One is toggle the railcar mod, and last is railcar settings.

    There's some vehicles that may not work for this. One is Helicopters and Planes, another is some very large vehicles, like the Dump and Tank. Only use vehicles that are small enough to fit through certain places, like the Blue train bridge on Cassidy Creek.

    There's some downsides within' this mod, one is the train. It comes along fast. Inorder to keep away the crashes, there will be only one direction to go once you're on rails. The same tracks the train runs on. That fixes it.

    Anyway, should this be a idea? I mean, a peaceful view on rails? Cop chases? Fun crashing into vehicles on railroad crossings? Should be a blast! Even with Bodyguards and the Insurgent Pickup, I guess we can call this a idea.

  • @yeahhmonkey Most scripters are like that. They ignore people because they think their ideas will be better than a requested one. To be honest, some mods i've tried out aren't really worth using. Example was the Railroad Engineer Mod. I tried it out, it was fun to use. Until I couldn't handle just a few train cars and just one locomotive, so I improved it by installing a train mod that gives longer train cars. That got me a bit bored of it, but I still like it. Until I came up with this idea, I want it made. xD

  • @Bouzooka said in [TOOL] RailCar Mod idea:

    They ignore people because they think their ideas will be better than a requested one.

    All three of my mods were as a result of requests.

    You can't just ask a question and expect every scripter to think it's great, that's not how it works. Each scripter might have their own preference for a mod style, I tend to choose ones that affect visuals, so I wouldn't do this simply because it's not my style of script. People who do aircraft, helicopter or boat related mods won't find it interesting because their choice of vehicle won't work.

    But just because they don't answer, it doesn't mean they are ignoring you, it just means they probably don't find it interesting to do.

    But there is always another solution... Visual Studio is free, there are plenty of tutorials on the site, learn scripting and be the proud owner of a self-created mod.

  • @LeeC2202 I had a lot of ideas that I hope that comes near to becoming a mod. I can't make my own, I only view mods and see if it's useful or not. Most useful mods stays in the GTA V directory, and non-useless ones stay in a Folder that I keep in Documents.

    I also make sure that if there's a bug that I encounter during gameplay, I let the creator know.

    Anyway, I ask questions for mods I think would be kinda cool to try out. I mean, the RailCar mod seems cool. It's not so interesting and amazing. We all call that opinions. [I'm Captain Obvious.]

    Heh, maybe one day this mod may become real. We all don't know when, or will it become one. It takes time. Time is key within' a mod. It's not like someone finds a idea and puts it together like puzzle pieces to make a mod.

  • @Bouzooka said in [TOOL] RailCar Mod idea:

    It's not like someone finds a idea and puts it together like puzzle pieces to make a mod.

    Actually, that pretty much describes exactly how a mod is made. Take this idea for instance, to you it might seem like a case of driving onto the tracks, hitting a key and you then drive along the tracks.

    I see it like this.

    1. The tracks are part of the map and have no defined edges like a model, so you would need to find out how to detect the edges of the tracks, to work out how wide they were. You could probably do it with raycasts, but that's time consuming and can run into all kinds of problems when the track is in the ground, not on top of it... like in the city.

    2. Not all cars will have wheels that will line up with the tracks when you put them on top, so you have to be able to determine the width of the cars, work out where the centre of the wheels are, then compare that against the track width. Some will be too narrow, some too wide.

    3. Cars have tyres, trains have metal wheels, how would you remove the tyres from the car wheels so it looks like it is actually on the rails. You could make them keep the tyres on but then they're not railcars, they're cars on the tracks, which you can do by simply driving on top of the rails.

    4. The trains in the game follow a spline path that we cannot access in code, so how would you make a car follow that path, to make sure they stayed on the tracks? What happens when you get to a set of points/turnouts?

    That's just a small collection of problems when I looked at this idea. Each of those problems is a piece of the puzzle, as you solve each piece, the mod begins to come together.

  • @LeeC2202; Your thinking on this mod idea is brilliant. To be honest, all of the small problems you said is kinda a issue, even for vehicles that are bigger than the width of the rails. I thought of something better to fix it, but it's difficult.

    @Rjvisser01; If I wanted one mod to be made just more than this one, it would be this or another kind of mod idea. Object Spooner. Like Menyoo, but the error there is when you made 2 vehicles into one, removed the tires on a non-collided vehicle, then saved it, the tires appear onced spawned. I mean, I made 50 modified vehicles with Object spooner. My only favorite one is FMJ-Proto, which is both cars being modified and put together.

    I also made a Lamborghini Centenario, which is Tempesta put on a Zentorno.

  • @LeeC2202; I could think of the 4th one. Coding. One way to fix this is that the Freight train has coding for it to lock into the rails once you see it spawn. You can convert it and put it into vehicle coding, but the only way for this to work is if you're ontop of the rails.

    Also, another mod idea I thought of is only the Train goes one way, why can't there be a way to turn it around to go another way? Like when you play the Mission Derailed, and the train is going the opposite way?

  • @Bouzooka The train doesn't know there are any rails there, it simply follows a set of coordinates that line up with where the rails are.

    If you look at this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/freight-train-extended-east-ls

    There is a map that you can load but it also modifies a file called train1.dat which holds all the coordinate data for the train... that's what tells the train where to go. My guess is that data builds a spline path to handle the smooth transitions between points.

    It reads through that data from start to end, then loops back to the start again... that's why the train only goes one way. The track around the map is a single line and you wouldn't run trains in opposite directions on the same line.

    But the whole point of my post, was to illustrate the fact that whilst you accuse "most modders" of being ignorant, the reality is very different. I probably thought about what I posted and why, more than what you posted as the idea. I considered what this mod would offer, how much trouble it would be to code it and decided it wasn't my kind of script. Even after posting that, I was still ticking things over in my head for a while after, because that's how a creator's brain works... ideas linger, they don't just get dismissed.

    Had you not posted that statement about modders, I would never have replied in the thread. Not because I was being ignorant, simply because I didn't find it interesting. As a scripter, I am certainly not going to go round every mod and post a comment saying "I'm not interested in this", just so it looks like I am not ignoring it... I don't have time to do that.

    I also don't ignore things because I think I have better ideas, I simply choose ideas I like better... that's what inspiration is all about. My first mod took me over two months and still gets work done on it, my helicopter mod has taken over a month up to now. If I am going to dedicate a month or more of my time (and that can be anywhere up to 14 - 18 hours in a day of my time), it's going to be on something I want to do, it's going to be on something that inspires me to do it.

    Now you might get someone to do this for you but you also might get many scripters that get to that comment you made and stop reading right there and leave. It will offend the people you are trying to get on board and it will make them not want to help you.

    As for not being able to make your own mods... I'm an artist by profession, I taught myself to code in more than 10 different languages and when I first found this site, I had no idea about writing mods. But I took the time to learn and that's something that everyone can do, absolutely everyone. If you want to make mods, then you can, it's that simple.

  • @LeeC2202 Ah, I get it! Train doesn't know because the script sets up coordinates on where it's suppose to go. So if Railcar mod was made, it would follow the same coordinates as the train does, right?

  • @Bouzooka I don't know how you would tell the game that the car you are in, is supposed to use the coordinate data from the train1.dat file. The only way I could think of doing that, would be to extract that data into your own data file and read it from there.

    You can't say to the game "This car is now a train", it wouldn't work, I don't think there's any way to do that because that information is stored in the meta files for the vehicle.

  • @LeeC2202; What about the scripted files from the train? Can't it be converted into a vehicle and then it runs in the same function the train does when it's on rails? I mean, when a train appears on the tracks, it's locked into the rails like it's a whole piece, but in the Railroad Engineer mod, the train is a object that doesn't join the track's script.

  • @Bouzooka Honestly, I don't know, I've never used that mod so I don't know how it does it... I don't bother with the trains, I'm usually in the helicopters.

  • @LeeC2202; You're into Helicopters? I am too! But mostly trains since I enjoy the freight train passing by in GTA V, Even in real life.

  • @Bouzooka Well my latest mod is the Helicopter Effects mod. :slight_smile: I like flying them down the main street, chopping people with the rotors, or causing carnage with missiles. They're my favourite vehicle in the game, they're good fun.

  • @LeeC2202 :D That is a lot of fun! I honestly like Helicopters for one certain reasons, Missiles. I can just get the police helicopters on me and just shoot them all down with just rockets. If you made a mod to where the Rockets work like the ones on the Ruiner 2000, it would be so Overpowered. Think about it! XD

  • @Bouzooka You will never see a weapon mod from me... weapons are the ultimate dull item as far as mods go for me.

    I like to try and give the game the bits that it is missing, that feel like they should have been there.

    As an artist, it's the visual things that get my attention, which is why I've chosen a camera mod, the dirty cars mod and now this helicopter effects mod. Things that even when you're doing almost nothing in the game, still add to what is there, on a visual level... they're the mods that inspire me. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202; What about mods that inspires others? I mean, the one that inspires me is any mod I find interesting. To be honest, i'm inspired by mostly train mods. 60% of every mod I install is a train mod.

  • @Bouzooka What inspires others means very little when it comes to creativity...

    I think of it like a petrol tank in your car. If it's empty, you need to fill it to go somewhere. If your neighbour puts fuel in their car, it doesn't fill your tank... you still don't get to go anywhere.

    Creating things is the same, if you're running on empty, you have to fill your own tank.

  • @LeeC2202; I see.. but hey, it's alright. I ran out of that fuel, then managed to fill it back from inspiration of my own. Menyoo was the one to help it. How? The Object Spooner. I can create my own vehicles from fusing two to make it one, like when you put Red and Black together to make Purple. :)

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