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[SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse

  • coming soon?

  • @HenryTux Can u also do a standalone script that helps in using online character in SP ?

  • Just one thing man, make config customizable, like weather, blackout, no cars working, etc... It's frustrating sometimes when you don't want a feature

  • Is this project dead?

  • Is this project dead?

  • @HenryTux This with Joel & Ellie mods out there ?
    Gentlemen, We hav ourselves "Last Of V"

  • @Sh3nZeR The Last OV us. The Last Of VS.

  • @Think_Tank said in [SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse:

    @HenryTux I'm sure you already know of this but there is a mod that turns the peds into zombies. If you want to make then look like zombies that's going to take a lot of time. Also, there are sites you can see how an actual zombie outbreak (or any other epidemic) would spread through the world, use that for a more believable story. Bugs would also turn people into zombies through bites.

    I will definitely look into it, thanks!

    @Aprath said in [SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse:

    coming soon?

    We do not have a stable version yet so...stay tuned :)

    @Sh3nZeR said in [SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse:

    @HenryTux Can u also do a standalone script that helps in using online character in SP ?

    Will see

    @MAESTRE said in [SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse:

    Just one thing man, make config customizable, like weather, blackout, no cars working, etc... It's frustrating sometimes when you don't want a feature

    I feel you, I'll see what we can do

    @JayUnwyz said in [SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse:

    Is this project dead?

    @didiaodemiao said in [SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse:

    Is this project dead?

    No, it's not. We took a break for Xmas. Still working on it. We apologise for any inconvenience :(

    @Sh3nZeR said in [SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse:

    @HenryTux This with Joel & Ellie mods out there ?
    Gentlemen, We hav ourselves "Last Of V"

    As long as the creator of those textures allows us to include them, sure! You shouldn't have any issues with any custom texture mods

    THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR PATIENCE...meanwhile, a big shout-out to @sollaholla , check out his work too https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-zombies

  • Welp, I guess I had a good run. lol

  • @sollaholla and you still have, mate! nothing to worry about! ;)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @HenryTux actually, it's 90 percent of your planned features.

  • Maybe add something of the sort that open all interiors would be used or would be good to have with this mod.

  • @HenryTux @sollaholla LOL, you're mod is 90 percent of his planned features, and you don't vanish for days at a time. Still support this guy's mod. If this guy's mod is even half as good as yours is, especially with perma-death and survival bases, and controllable zombies after death, it'd be a darn shame if he didn't make a fivereborn server for it (though, they cost money.) Frankly, I think your mod is amazing, and I want to hear your thoughts about fivereborn and making it multiplayer through it, or providing someone with the source code so they can do it instead, why you would or wouldn't want to do that, etc. Your mod, from what i've seen and read, is DLC levels of amazing, and rockstar should do something like it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Think_Tank Are you referring to me or Henry? I currently have no plans for five-born, because I don't spend money or take money for my mods. That would be ridiculous. Also, Henry has contacted me to work with him on this mod, but I'm currently very busy otherwise I would help these guys, I've got 3 mods on my plate 1 being the zombies mod since people are hounding me for updates, and the other being the space mod, and another being one that will not be revealed until this summer. But, that's to say you where referring to me in that comment, which I assume you where.

  • @sollaholla I was asking you personally about your thought on Fivereborn, and since you don't have any interest if you would consider giving someone the source code to make their own server with. Aside from that, if you're so busy, why not let Henry take it off your hands? I assume it's more complicated than "just" doing that, but you're so busy I don't see why do that to yourself. And I'm excited for your space mod. You are one of my favorite modders. But the name, "simple zombies" was a misnomer. Most advanced zombie mod I ever saw on this site, and what I've always wanted out of a zombie mod (minus the lack of multiplayer, but bases and camp building an forging and stuff was what I always wanted.) You're gonna go far here, did you ever mod other games before, gta or otherwise?

  • @Think_Tank I may release the source code after it's completed, I still have more updates I need to roll out. And no GTA 5 is the only game I've modded (besides fallout), but I used to make video-games from scratch so modding is somewhat of a breeze.

  • @Think_Tank what's your point? :grin: lol it's not like we are in the 60's and this is the Space Race. I do strongly believe that @sollaholla have done a great job with Simple Zombies, that's why I thought it was worth mentioning him in the topic, not messing with his mod, in case you get it twisted.

    You are right, I haven't been as active as I would like to, but this is not something I do 24/7. It's my very first project and I'm still learning everyday, so please, go easy on me :blush: other modders' experience are always welcomed to make this mod even bigger.

    Fivereborn is not planned, but I look forward to making it compatible with GTA Network in the future, because I'd also love to see what this mod can offer with multiplayer experience added.

  • @sollaholla That explains a lot. Congrats, dude. If I had a job, I'd donate money to you. Not much, just a few bucks, but honestly, I'd pay a good 30 for a dlc like this if Rockstar made it.

  • @HenryTux Oooh, that's gonna be a problem. I'm awaiting your work, I followed it last year, but Gta network has no ai, no pedestrians, which means no zombies to run from, last time I checked. Any NPCs will be static instead of synced. I looked that up last month and this month.

    Edit: There will only be static NPCs that will only follow instructions from your script and only those will be synchronized, Singleplayer-AI NPCs are removed due their paranoiac behavior (and many other reasons). So maybe it would work?

  • @Think_Tank Appreciated. I won't let you down :confounded: let's see how GTA:N develops with time tho :D

  • @HenryTux I don't know if someone already suggested it, but maybe if you could implant a radio beacon for other survivors to find?
    Another thing that is other survivors related, what about an extraction zone? for example: you rescue some survivors, take them to some LZ (landing zone) and make a chopper to extract them (maybe a resource reward?).

    Anyway. Looks great i'm looking forward to see it!

  • @hrefayi you mean finding other survivors by listening to their radio transmissions? maybe gather intel about air drops and their location? We already have something in mind but yeah, I like it :D

    About the extractions, I take note of that (Added to Trello :) ). You take the role of someone working for the army/goverment? The Division style? Something along those lines? Could be implemented, yep. Don't expect it to be in the early releases of the mod tho.


  • Always liked the idea of an All-Out apocalypse in GTA V, the world is pretty big and a fuckton of stuff can be done there.

    I've been reading through the features, all of them expected, all of them cool.
    I like the layout of all of this.

    However I have two concerns:

    • Other survivors:
      What about the other survivors? I'm assuming you will be able to recruit NPCs, share weapons with then, all of that.
      But what about their objetives? When and how will you encounter them? Will they have their own objetives, will they be doing something apart from standing still waiting for the player to trigger them?
      Will we get a chance to see survivors who got the big guns already? Like a survivor with a Van, a Buzzard or a tank.

    • Zombies
      How detailed will the zombie behavior be? Hearing? LoS? Will zombies try to form groups?
      The stuff that would attract them, will it player exclusive?

    Clear example: gunshots. I expect that ANY gunshot would attrack them to the general area where the shot was done.
    Having the AI behavior not tied to the player but to anyone always allows for more varied, unexpected experiences, as the entities within the script interact with each other. Usually mods/games with zombies make it so only the player can attract zombies and be converted by them.

    • Police/Military
      Will there be police operations being carried out? Like, trying to clear a zone from zombies.

    • Missions
      I like the idea of "missions". I'd also love that if you're not the one looking for the usual lootcrate.

    I'm aware that scripts like these are usually oriented to player experience. But I'm a big fan of having the player have active competition. Other NPCs trying to accomplish the same missions as him.

    Makes things interesting. You feel like you're not alone in this world, like there can always be some motherfucker with a bike and a shortened shotgun ready to get you and loot your corpse.

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