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[SCRIPT][WIP] Project GTA V:Apocalypse

  • @HenryTux You took the idea i suggested and polished it to the MAX!

    Good job :)

  • @Eddlm First of all, I wanna personally thank you for taking your time in writing such a detailed reply to the topic. I'm flattered you noticed us! Been a big fan of your scripts tbh. Appreciated, mate.

    About your concerns:

    -Survivors/NPCs: What we have in mind atm is to bring a whole new experience to GTA where you are not the only one hunting survivors/bandits/zombies, but also being hunted. Holdups and bandits trying to steal your loot is also planned, although it's not mentioned in the topic (there are a lot of features we are planning to add to the final version that haven't been revealed yet, we wanna surprise you guys :P All of them can be found in our Trello ). I'm not a fan of RPGs where you have to find/talk to inactive npcs, standing still there for you to interact with and ask for favors or quests (which is also considered a planned feature), just what you mentioned. But yeah, I like what you are suggesting, random encounters or maybe not that random, you just run into them fighting for the same supplies? Annotated.

    -Zombies: We are trying to focus on a complex AI, not just zombies wandering around. We want them to chase down the player and also be hard to kill with melees, so the player has to think about it twice before engaging them. We would like to add quick time events to the experience, but I feel it will be a pain in the ass to implement. Hordes of zombies may be added if they don't have a big impact in performance. I'll write down your suggestion as well. I'd like to see zombies being distracted by a flare, allowing the player to sneak behind them. Or being attracted to nearby gunshots of other survivors as you describe.

    Regarding the police and military, it is also planned to add different factions (friendly/hostile) to the world when we have a stable release and make sure the basics are working properly 8) so you can expect that too.

    We will definitely consider your ideas. I have already added all of them to the Trello. If you wanna take a peak, you are more than welcome, just text me.

    Thank you all again for supporting this project! We are very grateful and looking forward to bringing something special for all of you to enjoy :) Stay tuned

    P.S. I'll try to be more active this year :blush:

  • I like randomized quests, nice.

    Also, traffic. I am assuming you guys will be removing all vanilla ped/vehicle spawning, so streets will be deserted save for what GTAV: Apocalypse spawns. Something not hard to implement would be random people driving around, sometimes. Not frecuently of course, gasoline is supposed to be scarce after all.

    These individuals could be friendly/neutral or hostile, engaging you on sight or ignoring you as they pass.

    On-foot groups wandering around would also add to the ambience (and allow for unexpected encounters).

    Just in case it useful: to avoid micromanaging groups of people, I usually create ingame groups and only task the leader with anything I need them to do, having the other members just follow them. Less stress for the dev and the CPU.

    Rereading the features, I've noticed the fuel system. That reminded me:

    I had in mind a similar project long ago -didn't advance much-, and one of the "random events" I planned featured a truck hauling gasoline from a gas station to a Faction base. The player's mission was to steal it and bring it back to its own base. Bringing it would add gasoline points to the faction, which was the main thing of the script (if your gas dropped to zero, you couldn't use vehicles)

    The truck would usually have other vehicles guarding it.

    I don't know if the idea could apply to this project, but wanted to share it, just in case.

  • @Eddlm Damn right. That's what we have in mind, yeah. Traffic and peds will completely disappear from the world so we make sure only certain peds, zeds and vehicles are spawned (the player will have to find them and repair them in order to drive them around)

    Didn't come up with that tho. I just love your idea of making the world more "alive" rather than killing infected every once in a while. It's not like we are developing an "I am Legend" movie-based mod. Those encounters will allow the player to make choices... "Should I kill that family and take their car or just let them pass by" and that kind of situations. Somehow I focused this mod in the player since the beginning that I completely forgot about the rest of Los Santos haha

    Your project sounds interesting, you should give it a chance! Reminds me of Mad Max?

  • @HenryTux Is this still going to be developed?
    Lspdfr has grown stale and boring. GTA needs a game mode like this. Something in-between dayz and the last of us would be great.

    Got a list of modders that are involved with this project?

  • @Cass It IS being developed :) I cannot provide a release date since we still have a lot of work to do first to make a stable build, but you can expect something close to DayZ SA and some other survival games mechanics. Big fan of both games ;) that's why I decided to work on this project (even knowing it is quite big project for a beginner :blush: )

    I currently have 3 modders on the team that are helping me a lot to implement some of the ideas you guys are suggesting and those that I also come up with. You can check their profiles in the topic. Take a peek at the Trello to see what's coming up (pretty sure you are a Chernarus veteran, am I right? :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • still alive??

  • I hope it is still being developed.. How's it going?

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