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[RESOLVED] Is there FAQ? If not we need one!

  • Hello everyone!
    I am new here and this is apparently my first post on this site, a person like me who really appreciates modding but has very poor to zero knowledge about how modding works, especially in GTA V. I have never used mods in any GTA games before and thus I have certain questions which I am going to ask later in other section of forum. I believe there should be a FAQ on this site. So it would be nice to have them pinned somewhere and updated with new FAQs.
    I am sorry if this was asked before or a FAQ already exists. I could not find any Search option to search for existing threads about this.

    Example of FAQ? (No need to answer here, I am going to ask in Help section later since this is feedback section :) )

    1. Do I need Genuine or Pirated version of GTA V to use mods in Story mode?

    2. Which version of GTA V is required to use mods?

    3. Will I get banned for using mods in Story mode?

    4. Will I lose my save game?

    5. Will my game files get corrupted?

  • @BrownMerc Welcome to the Forum!
    There's no FAQ.

    I know this is for site related questions, but here are the answers. :)

    1. You can use both, but Pirated version is outdated, therefore mods may not work properly, and piracy is not supported here. Such threads will be locked, and posts will be deleted/edited. If you continue, your account will be banned.

    2. 1.0.944.2 if you have the legal version. Older versions may work.

    3. No. Remember to use the mods folder.

    4. No. Backup your saves, to be safe.

    5. It could happen, I've been in this situation countless times. Make sure to use the mods folder.

    It would be nice to have a FAQ, especially for new users, I can help, @rappo. But it's your choice.

  • Pretty sure I've said it before - if anybody wants to take the time to write an FAQ, I will gladly edit it and sticky it :slight_smile:

  • @rappo Nice. I'll ask a few others to help too. I'm not sure about what section it should be, Tutorials, Announcements or Where?

  • @Akila_Reigns Modding Discussion seems like the best category to me - it can always be moved, too.

  • @rappo OK. I'll try to write one. You can always remove or edit it when you think it's necessary. :slight_smile:

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