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[IDEA] Benny's Motorshop upgrades/modifications in Los Santos Custom

  • Hello.
    I play GTAV almost always in story mode, but a lot a features are missing. I love modifying cars and as you know, Benny's Motorshop is unavalaible in story mode and it containt a lot of great modification : engine/filters block, interiors, speakers... I used "Guadmaz - Benny's in SP" mod, but not working fine and the mod was not updated. Is it possible to create a mod for integrating all Benny's upgrades to Los Santos Custom ?

  • It's possible with Menyoo to apply Benny's upgrade on car without Benny's SP mod ?

  • I can't find the correct section in Menyoo to apply the mods : I don't really understand his functioning. But I see Enhanced native Trainer / Simple Trainer was updated and support Benny's mod now > Worked very fine on all vehicles. ;) Topic solved.

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