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[WIP 98%][PAINT] A new paint job on Regera and need someone who can take good screenshots.

  • The paint job is actually done, what is left is that I want some quality screenshots.
    I want to make it more like a "surprise" so I don't want to tell much about the paint job here.
    I have no idea why every time I start up the Rockstar Game editor, is just stop working (Just this car ! ). Therefore, I would like to know if someone is interested in taking some screenshots for me? If you are interested, please comment or send me a PM. I will show you more details. I really want some good screenshots, I will add give you a credit in the mod description. Cheers ~

  • @Elsa_LPH There are a lot of users who take excellent screenshots, so maybe somebody would be willing to help you out. BUT, in case you can't find someone or want to do it yourself, you could check out the Ingame Screenshot script by @jedijosh920, which will allow you to slow down time in-game and manipulate the camera to take screenshots without having to record or load up the Rockstar Editor.

  • I can take screenshots for you in 2k 4x msaa without redux or any of that bullsh*t :)

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