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New GTA Update, New Round Of Problems.

  • So with this new GTA update im having my latest batch of problems with the game, i've had a go of fixing them however there are some i havent been able to get working. So if anyone could help suggest anything it would be very much appreciated! :)

    1. TrainerV (Simple Trainer 4.4) Immediately crashes when trying to load MP maps into the singleplayer world, at first i thought it would be due to content being locked so i installed the mpimportexport content unlocker. However it still crashes.

    2. Script Hook V .NET immediately crashes my game upon start up.

    3. Szabo's Persistance Mod has also stopped working, attempted a full reinstall and noticed other people having the same problem so was wondering if there are any other good alternatives?

    Thanks for reading!

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