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Link to GTA 5 Multiplayer Co-Op mod 9.3 not working?

  • Hello everyone
    When I try to download from https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/multiplayer-co-op-mod
    None of the download links work, they say error 404
    If anyone could update the link or add the latest mod here that would be great.
    Also I have not used this mod before so I have few questions.

    1. If I and a friend were to Play GTA 5 Story mode with certain mods, Will I need to host the server and my friend will have to download exactly the same mods on his client for us to play together with the same mods?
    2. I am using Enhanced Native trainer instead of Native trainer that came complimentary with Scripthook, will that be ok?

  • @BrownMerc It looks like the Github page this project was hosted on has been taken down, I'm not sure of the reason. In the comments section, the author of the mod posted a link to their Discord page, which you can check out for more info and to chat with others about the status of the project: https://discord.gg/ww7DthF.

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