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[IDEA] Give some life to the forum!

  • Since the forum was created it has never had a major update.

    My idea is that. Updates it, makes it more alive, with new functions and some features of normal forums (Ranks, like received, information, ect ...)

    Just make users come to the site not only to check their mods but also coming to the forum and have more pleasure.


  • @Frazzlee said in [IDEA] Give some life to the forum!:

    @Marschall these updates are controlled by peeps down at NodeBB

    Yes but maybe the admins have access to tools that make it possible, html, xml, i don t know but some how....

  • It would've been better if he had used systems like CreateAForum, or Simple Machines. This is OK, and easy to use, though. It's good the way it is.

    @Frazzlee Wow, that must be sad for forum owners that use this engine.

  • Of course there are ways to write NodeBB plugins for any kind of functionality like other forums systems, it's just not my priority at the moment. I believe people have already made plugins for rewards/badges and that sort of thing though, so I'll check a few out and see if they're good enough to implement here.

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