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A way to add multiple translations to a topic


    Hello! ;)

    Is there a way to, taking my "[Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's" as example, translate it to another languages myself (Spanish and Catalan) or someone helping to translate it to another languages (Arab, Chinese, Deutsch, Français, etc) and let people to choose with which language they prefer to read it through a button like the one's that appear at top of a topic?

    It would be very helpfull at my PoV, people will understand it better reading with their main language.

    I think this question goes directly to @rappo, but maybe someone knows how to do something similar, so that's why of this topic.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Reyser The only way I could think of doing anything like this from a simple user's perspective, would be to create your main topic, then reserve a number of comments below, one for each language. Then in your first post, you could provide a set of links that take you to each comment, depending on which link you chose.

    If you click the link next to your name that has the time-since-posting in it, that is a direct link to that specific comment. That's how I used to point users to my latest beta of my helicopter mod, simply by changing the link in the first comment, to go directly to the comment with the latest version in it.

    That's the only way I can think of...


    @LeeC2202 That's a very nice idea, but the only problem's that I can't reserve a number of comments below the main one because the topic was created on July and there are are a lot of comments from other users since "7 jul. 2016 23:24" on the tutorial, so the new translations would be at nº12 page and I don't think (at the moment) it will be the best place even with direct links on main page.

    Let's see if Rappo has something to say before anything, but I'll keep that idea on mind @LeeC2202, thank you for the quick reply ;)

  • @Reyser You're welcome. :slight_smile:

    I'm quite convinced I'm going to move my browser window one day and this site is going to be burned into my monitor screen. :D

  • @Reyser There's not really a set way to do this on the forums - what @LeeC2202 suggested is fine with me. Creating multiple topics, one for each language might be good too because then people with questions or comments can post in that same language.


    @rappo Multiple topics of the same thing but with different languages will not spam the Tutorials section? I think I'll do it into the same topic I made on July, like LeeC2202 said, to avoid multiple innecessary topics about the same thing. Thanks for the quick answer ;)

  • I would love to see a system like this:

    • The user sets their native language on their control panel. If a post doesn't have a translation on that language, the post would be showed on it's original language ( EX: English only post, i click on it and i'll see it on english )
    • The 1st language will be used on posts that've been written on that language, for example, if i've set my 1st language as Spanish, and if i browse a topic that's in both Spanish and English, the forum will show me the Spanish ver. as default.
    • But obviously, if the translation's badly written, i can choose on a menu, the original post's language.
    • And obviously, being able to help with translations for some posts would be nice, too.

  • @SerranitaMods This is probably something that won't happen on the forums, sorry. Forums systems are just not designed to be like that. I'm thinking of doing it for the main site, so that mods can be translated into multiple languages and shown to the user depending on their site language. You can vote on that feature as something I should implement here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/5307/happy-new-year-next-features-to-implement

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