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Nothing is Working Game Crashes when Modded DLCLIST

  • I Still need help I am not sure what I am doing wrong everything worked before when I installed the addons everything but now the Game Crashes when I add Just one line to the DLC List can someone help me

  • @G1Convoy Have you checked to make sure all elements in your dlclist.xml file are opened/closed correctly? A missing > or an extra one, could cause a problem and they can be so easy to miss, I've done it myself.

  • I have everything seems fine to me its when I add a single line like <item>dlcpacks:\ae86</item> but when I remove that line through it works fine I have used these GameConfigs This One This one as well and I tired this one too nothing and when I try to go to the Open IV to see if there is any errors there is non I can see I really need help on this

  • I had the same problem but I dunno how I fixed it. I guess I just played two days without addons and then I installed one and it worked. I did nothing and then it worked after two days. Really weird but why should I complain? XD

  • Same for me, except mine is specific. I have a problem when I go past a hard cap on # of add-on cars. I used to be able to have unlimited add-on options, now If i go back 40, I crash :(

  • @G1Convoy I want you to do a couple of things for me so I can have a look at this.

    Choose any of your addons that you want to install, give me a link to it so I can install the same thing. Add the line to your dlclist as you normally would, then put your dlclist.xml file onto something like Google Drive and send me a link via PM to it.

    I will install your dlclist into my game, with the addon you're trying to get working and see what happens.

  • @G1Convoy Addonpeds is not a good one to use, because it has a script mod that goes with it. The good news is that your dlclist has no errors, so that isn't the cause of any problems... at this point anyway.

    We have to get a clean platform on which to test this problem, so what you need to do, is:

    Remove all addons apart from a single vehicle. I usually rename my existing mods folder to mosdxxx, create a new folder called mods and then just add a new set of clean files. Then add a single addon in your dlcpacks folder and have a modified dlclist.xml that only has that addon in it.

    Use this gameconfig https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars with the x1 Ped and x1 Vehicle density option.

    Remove all scripts (rename your scripts folder is the easiest option).

    Remove all .asi mods from your main game folder apart from your trainer and openiv.asi.

    That will get a clean game that we can diagnose the actual problem in.

  • I did what you said and it worked fine I think the Native UI may need to be updated Yeah Its the PEDADD ON It Needs to be updated for the Game Other wise all My add on work

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