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Templates for Vanilla cars with clear boundaries.

  • Up to this day, first-time livery creators struggle with the limits of the vanilla GTA V car liveries, and no, I don't mean we need templates for cars that never have livery support in the first place, like the Tailgater or the Contender, but we, as modders, should have access to information about the vanilla car we make liveries for.

    In all Vanilla templates we seen before, we only have a basic square block for where our design should go, and that's it. Modded, original cars, on the other hand? They have more detailed templates, with clear boundaries like where the wheel arches are, or the shape of the actual hood itself. Info like that on the template itself should be available for people who make liveries for vanilla cars, and with the addition of cars like the Elegy Retro Custom and the Omnis, Now is the best time for this suggestion.

    I am suggesting a template for the vanilla cars, with clear boundaries like modded cars. We should have a template which includes the shape of the part we are modifying (Like, if we're modifying the left side of a livery made for the Elegy Retro Custom, we have a clear shape of what the car part we're modifying (In this case, the side) looks like) to create better liveries for the vanilla cars.

    And these vanilla cars are all the cars that was added from updates, like the Bravado Youga Custom or the Hakuchou Drag.

    At least for these cars, which are 2 cars from any class with livery support:

    • Vapid Pisswasser Dominator

    • Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom

    • Annis Elegy Retro Custom

    • Karin Sultan RS

    • Emperor ETR1

    • Obey Omnis

    That is all.

  • To clarify to the mods and admins: I apologize if this comes off as rude. My intention is not to insult people who like modded cars, and I have nothing against them. It's just that modded cars have templates that are way more detailed than Vanilla templates, and when someone like me wants to make a livery for vanilla cars, we can't have the detailed livery templates we get from modded cars, and that is a hassle.

  • @Victorhan24 It certainly doesn't come off as rude to me and you make very valid points. There is nothing worse than trying to work out where details go on a texture without a proper template. I used to spend ages with a grid overlay trying to work out details positions on FSX skins, it's a pain.

    It's possibly something that can be done in ZModeler quite easily, if I get chance later I will have a look. I hate ZMod but I might be able to figure out enough to see if it's possible.

    This is another one of those things that an experienced vehicle modder would be able to do in a couple of minutes, so maybe one of those people will jump in and save my stress levels. :D

    I have seen some people use this as well http://uvmapper.com/ to create templates.

  • I'm the creator of this topic, and I'm bumping this thread, since we still need this kind of templates for Vanilla cars.

    (RANT INCOMING. Skip this section if you find it too aggressive. Please.)

    The vanilla cars section of the GTA 5 modding community, in my opinion, is systematically being neglected and ignored by the others. The Community should not have a split when it comes to liveries!

    I felt like Our community is divided in 2 pieces, where the modded cars are given exclusive rights, like more like and support from our community and templates that are comprehensive, clear on the subject of boundaries (Read: THEY GOT AN OUTLINE OF WHERE PARTS OF THE LIVERY WILL GET CUT!), and overall, informative. While Vanilla cars are neglected, ignored, and have the worst excuse for a template ever. BLOCKS? SIMPLE SIZED BLOCKS THAT ONLY COVERS THE GENERAL AREA OF THE PART WE'RE MAKING A LIVERY OF? REALLY, GTA MODDERS? IS A COMPREHENSIVE TEMPLATE FOR VANILLA CARS TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?


    Anyway, It's for equality for our community. I don't mean to offend anyone who likes modded cars, but the truth is: Have we ever see Vanilla Car templates which are as good as their Modded counterparts? No. Should it stay that way? No. It shouldn't stay that way, and it should NEVER stay that way.

    This is for the equality of our community. Vanilla Cars have the same right to have liveries where what part gets cut is clear instead of being left in the dust.

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