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  • Hail all:

    I noticed since very long, that most mods (vehicle and parts in particular) are just [REPLACE].
    Even worse: they usually replace the SAME vehicles as others.
    Please make modders create or pure [Add-On] mods, or a combined [Add-On/Replace].

    There are reasons:

    1. As stated, a lot of vehicles use the same vehicle to replace the mod with, but a car can only carry 1 mod.
    2. The vehicles being altered are often good vehicles (for instance: EntityFX to Citroen GT), which means I have to sacrifice the EntityFX if I want this Citroen.

    Discuss, but please keep it decent.
    Thank you.

  • @Sammy1970 Good idea, but most modders don't know how to create an add-on.

    I always create them for myself when there's only a replace version available, there's a good tutorial written by @Reyser about creating add-on vehicles. For everyone who has trouble creating add-ons, I recommend to read it. :)

  • Thank you for replying.

    In my case, i am autistic with ADHD, I sadly need visual tutoring to actually grasp it... :(
    Now, @CSQ574 was kind enough to turn the [REPLACE]Scarabee into an [ADD-ON], which he did with great speed.
    Makes me think, it is not that hard.
    And, it should be a base knowledge for modders to know how to create an add-on, I reckon?

    Then, I am unaware of how easy/hard it actually is...

    @Akila_Reigns PS: do you have a link to this tutorial, good Sir?

  • @Akila_Reigns Thank you, Sir.

  • my 2 cent ...on replace cars
    i removed about 20 REPLACE cars back to Stock GTA5 ( i had basically all cars replaced ) because i really like em modded
    PLUS and i cant stress this enough
    IT really helps to crank up reshade/enb settings to awesome beautiful (i5 6600K running @ 4.4)
    Less cars MBs to load less issues running them ,,,,
    So my tip is replace only what U really want
    Rest like the stupid SUVs etc I just replaced only the badge for a bit more reality effect :)
    but 12 MB vs 600K ?
    I prefer small ...so i wont be installing any replace cars anymore that are 5 mb or even worse 14 mb

  • @Sammy1970 you can replace any car you want with the car from an addon or replace. You simply just copy the info from the new cars vehicle.meta file and handling.meta into the correct section on the car your replacing. So say you want to replace the buffalo its located at x64e.rpf and its vehicle and handling.meta is found at update/update.rpf/common/data. Make sure you search for the carmodel on openiv that you want to replace as most cars are usually located in 2 or 3 different folders for example x64e.rpf and patchday1ng so you must replace the car in all locations that its in. Replace a car with a car only. I have replaced cars with trucks but it takes alot more work in the handling section to get the truck to behave correctly. Usually if it flips over you have to modify the vecCentreOfMassOffset part of the handling file.

  • @Willief23
    @Sammy1970 is not talking about installing replace mods, I'm sure he knows how to do that. He's asking modders to create Add-On mods instead of just replace, or both Add-On/Replace.

  • @Akila_Reigns @Willief23 Precisely.
    I think Willie mistook "you can replace a car with only one car" with "you can do it only once"?
    I mean there, "you can only replace the car with one other model, not with 2 or more models".

    My GTA is 74GB, and it runs smoothly.
    Sure, my beds are gone, but, I never sleep, and I use my cell to save up my game, so... XD

  • @Sammy1970 you are complaining about people that make car mods replacing the same cars or cars that are worth keeping thats why i said you can replace any car you want. i rarely use the same car that the modder uses to replace. Modders usually pick a certain car to replace based off its handling file. There is a good tutorial made by Reyser how to convert replace cars to addon method or addon to replace so read that whole thing.

  • @Willief23 One should not be changing anything in a mod if he wants to use the mod.
    The mod should be complete, Add-On.
    Or Add-On-Replace, for the reasons mentioned above by me.

    How would you feel if you download a mod, just basic files, like a DIY box?
    Or would you prefer a mod that's complete, almost click and go?

    I'd prefer the last, nothing to change, click and run.

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