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Modding content and Rockstar Updates

  • Quick question for the seasoned modder :)

    Every time Rockstar releases an update !/
    What do i need to think about ?
    Seems I always forget something and end up spending a lot of time to get it all working again
    I have tons of building updated and cars as well as addon cars . Really should be only one folder i have to worry about...
    Any update should I believe always and only be in update/update.rpf ?
    Or do i miss something here
    Have to add i use openiv so i have a copy of everything ..and only mod the mod folder content .

    Today there is another update ..It wants me to download ~400MB
    I canceled the download for now just to make sure i understand this time what I need to redo or copy ?
    Thanks for the help

  • @Olddude The only existing file that generally gets affected, is the update.rpf file. Everything else is usually new files that are placed in the patchday or mp folders in x64\dlcpacks.

    You do have to consider that if you have added replace vehicles to any folders, they might get updated files in a new patch and will stop appearing in the game.

    The biggest problem are the mods that you add to update.rpf as they all need to be re-added again, after you copy the new version into your mods folder.

  • @LeeC2202
    thanks for the reply
    I was kinda right then . The biggest issue is update.rpf
    So if i update now i have to copy all the meta files again etc etc

    Is there no tool ?
    can we not find out exactly what we are updating?
    I keep canceling the update since yesterday ..but eventually i have to update . its 400mb ///
    Last update ..the big one... was terrible for me it took me ages to get everything working again
    Really need some sort of tool for this ...

  • @Olddude There's no tool as far as I know of. The only thing that might possibly work, is to make your own OIV installer for all the files that go in the update.rpf. I've never built one before though, so I'm not 100% sure on how they work.

    Other than that, it's a manual job I'm afraid. I'm fortunate because I only ever change two files in update.rpf but I know there are mods that change a lot of things in there. :(

  • yeah mostly my addon cars but a lot of config files have been edited..
    so I keep canceling for now the update :)

    Seems like every week they update something :(

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