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Looking for the best mod to try out mods with a friend (Story mode multiplayer + Mods)

  • Hello there!

    Myself and a friend wish to try out various mods together.
    For example : I saw one mod of Spongebob and Patrick roaming around together, killing cops, blowing things up and stuff. The gameplay looks pretty smooth as well

    However when I tried GTA Co op 9.3 mod in a random server from Open browser and I noticed I could not kill civilians or blow any cars up , all I could do was Roam with a lot of lag and wheels of car were not moving, random NPC spawning on screen. It won't be fun if I don't know where my friend is because of lag/teleporting lag. The ping was around 350

    What I am looking for exactly :-

    1. To play GTA V with mods and a friend (Just one)
    2. The gameplay should be playable (Lower ping and less teleporting lag)

    Do I need to host the server myself for better gameplay? I am using the wrong mod to play co op modding?
    Would be great if someone could help me with what I need to do, this is my first try with using mods in GTA V

  • this video used a mod which allows to play on one pc with for example a keyboard and a gamepad
    i don't remember the whole name but you can find it
    other mods for two people that are far far away (for example you are in your house , your friend is in his house and you play togeher) are buggy and laggy , there aren't any good mods for that but you can try using fivereborn or multifive... yet another problem starts here because story doesn't work and some mods might be buggier

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