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[MISC][WIP] FiveRP Upcoming Release

  • If You have any questions after reading this feel free to ask and I'll try and answer all which I can, I highly recommend reading it all because it has some interesting key features that form the core of a strong roleplay community. If you've ever played in a roleplay community before on SA:MP then you won't be dissapointed I assure you. The post below was taken from the FiveRP Forums after being posted by one of the leading developers 'Alexander' - EnergeticSheep

    Credits to Alexander for the post - taken from the FiveRP Website

    Teamspeak 3

    alt text

    After 2 long years, it's finally upon us...get excited, because it's true, all of it. FiveRP will be launching alongside GTA:Network this week and this is a run down of what to expect come launch day. Note that we don't have a specific date yet but we will make sure to inform everyone as soon as it does, through all our social mediums. There is also some other house keeping details to cover off, so I'll try and make this thread as detailed and succinct as possible.

    Before we start though, if you haven't completed an application yet, you might want to now. Else you can't play! - https://ucp.fiverp.net/


    When we look at the development of the server, we've come a long way over the past few months and are beginning to see a first version come to life. With this in mind, it really is a first version and still a WIP. Much like early access games in the market today (Rust, DayZ, ARK, and Squad to name a few), we don't have the budget nor the time to necessarily drop a completed product (everything checked off gamemode on day 1). Instead, we can provide a platform, a sandbox, to begin filling that sand in and allow you to sink your teeth into SAMP/MTA style roleplay in GTAV, a first of its kind. From there, you can expect frequent updates and feature releases, confident in our vision, and a team to pull it off.

    As such, we will look to reboot weekly dev blogs falling either on a Friday or Sunday depending on how we're feeling moving forward. This will detail all changes, the reasoning behind them and what to expect from a particular change/addition. In addition to this, it's likely we'll also start creating community blogs to get you more involved in the dealings of the community, and help us grow this into something that we can all be proud of.

    We also introduce two new seasoned developers to the team, Nervous and Llamos. Nervous has a professional background and an extensive history in game development including one of the largest WoW private servers. At the same time he has countless years under his belt roleplaying on LSRP. Llamos has a freelance programming background with a history of development on a large variety of multiplayer communities. Coding is his passion, especially when it comes to meaningful, large scale projects so we look forward to seeing what more he can do. Welcome aboard guys.

    These two help round out our core team of Developers which includes, Kingstone and Msk, as well as Jryd on the UCP. We feel this is a decent sized team to help push us through release and beyond.

    Ideas and suggestions

    We've been overwhelmed with the ideas and input the community has put into creating threads and discussing what they think should be in the server. Rest assured, I myself read them, and I know many on the team also read them too. It's been a huge help having content available to pull ideas and feedback from and I intend to take this further moving forward.

    As such, community polls on hot topics of how to implement a feature will frequent the Development section on the boards. If you're keen to have your voice heard, keep an eye out and vote! I will also ensure our Suggestions and Bug/Issue sections are well maintained and monitored, so we can insure we're creating and fixing the right stuff. This is an important thing for us because we're happy to make changes based on user feedback. As such you can expect that if there's something you see that just doesn't either feel right or that can be made better - it will more than likely be made better given time.

    One thing to bear in mind though, is that unless a staff member or developer comments on something saying a particular feature or idea is going ahead, it's probably not true. There has been a lot of assumptions in the midst of what seems to be confusion about what's what. This is understandable coming up to launch, but just keep this one in mind.


    The Economy & Legal Business roleplay


    The economy is a tough one and we really want to build this over time. Start small, and build towards a more complex system that rewards the player for patience and activity, provide plenty of things to spend money on, and has measures in place to ensure large sums of money are dumped out of the server.

    To earn money early on you can expect:
    A basic hourly paycheck system - to kick start the economy (will be replaced/phased out in the future)
    Repeatable point to point public jobs, Sanitation and Trucking, that take 5-10 minutes to complete a run, and provides an instant sum of cash.
    Luck based fishing, that rewards patience and time spent waiting for the big one.
    Taxi support allowing for metering but limited to manual payment at the end of the ride. No automatic payment.
    Wages from being hired into a PD/FD organization.

    What's next?

    Paychecks will be phased out and businesses will be introduced to provide the injected money into the server. Any commercial property (and there will be hundreds if not thousands based on the size of the map) can be made into a business. This is formed through an organization for which you can apply (via the UPC) for as long as you have a property in your possession, a solid plan/mission statement and a desire to play actively. From there, you can roleplay your business to whatever theme you desire. The script side of it will be generic and non-intrusive, and therefore be applicable to most if not all business themes/ideas. As such, businesses will be reliant on active players to complete business-related tasks such as heading to the bank, picking up supplies, opening and manning the premises (allowing other players to interact with the business) etc. There is more to this system but we'll keep this a surprise for now. Just know that businesses will be an extremely viable way for players and businesses alike to make money, or lose money if they fail to maintain their activity and performance.

    Trucking will be expanded into hauling trailers (launch will start with freelance, script provided low end vehicles). If you decide to invest more of your characters occupation into trucking, you can consider purchasing your own rig and thus gain access to higher tier trucking contracts, that are longer, take you to locations further apart and potentially at an increased risk (off road etc). In addition to this, if you purchase a warehouse property, you'll be able to start a Shipping Company, further enhancing the types of shipping contracts you gain access to and allowing for the business to take a cut of the earnings from those you hire. The additional incentive here is that the business can also provide players with the rig itself, when that player wouldn't otherwise be able to afford them.

    Transportation/Taxi companies will also be able to benefit from a similar approach as Trucking. Instead, these companies will be given the ability to have direct dials for service, dispatch a driver to a players location via GPS, and also have guaranteed payment upon journey in an credit card/uber like fashion, where as once the trip starts the player then commits their "bank" to the journey. No longer do drivers need to worry about not being paid for a journey. Furthermore, transportation companies may be able to form Bus routes and further down the line, benefit from air travel.

    Fishing companies will be able to purchase and utilize the large sea vessel, Tug, and do deep sea commercial fishing. While regular players will also be able to use any purchased personal vessels to trawl for fish on a smaller scale, commercial fishing will be an endurance based task out in the ocean and provide considerable pay off for putting in the time. Luck will also play a part in commercial fishing.

    ...and a ton more that we haven't even been able to include in this post just yet...


    At the core of every RP game mode, is roleplay commands and chat. As such, the following is what you'll have access to:

    /pm - messages a player directly OOC
    /low - smaller chat radius
    /me - 1st person descriptive action
    /my - possessive descriptive action
    /do - 3rd person view of /me
    /melow - smaller radius /me
    /ame - floating text /me
    /s - shouting larger radius
    /b - out of character chat
    /o - global out of character chat
    Local chat as normal, fading to grey as you get further away from the sender.

    /call - call a number
    /pickup - pickup your phone if it's ringing
    /hangup - hangup the call you're on
    /sms - sms/txt message a number

    This is something that will be phased out but was made as a quick addition to help get organizations, well - organized.
    /r - speak through that channel
    /setfrequency - sets what channel you are on
    /kill - will kill the player (to be phased out)
    /n - Newbie chat (to be phased out but something we appreciate to have included at launch - until everyone is up to speed)
    /report - submits an admin report to the team
    /anim - puts your character into an animation
    /showid - shows the id of the players around you
    /id - search for the player's id

    Government Organizations


    At launch, you can expect to see the LEA and FD organizations in action. This includes the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Sheriffs Department (LEA) and the Los Santos Fire Department (FD). LEA organisations will only ever be limited to LSPD and LSSD. There are no plans to include any further LEA organizations or the likes of the FIB/NG. These organizations will have access to the likes of ticketing, arresting, cuffing, weaponry, police vehicles, HQs, internal radio and an inter-department radio. FD will have the ability to revive & heal players at a basic level (don't worry FD, we love you).

    All HQs will be usable and will come with the ability to retrieve equipment and uniform for the officer. Each HQ will also gain access to it's own cells using the base LSPD cell interior separated by virtual worlds.

    What's next?

    An MDC will become a standalone system integrated via CEF in game. It will be interactable and display criminal records and police tools in-game via HTML, forming an integral part of the Law Enforcement aspect of the server.

    LSSD will get control over the prison which will have a delayed released. For now, only Jail will be present at launch.

    A system to limit the number of high-end weaponry each LEA organization can take out per day. For example, the LSPD may get 3 sniper rifles to take out of their HQ's inventory at any point. This replenishes at the end of the given day. Now the catch is that those officers that take these weapons out can return them to the HQ and make them available for others throughout the day. If they die with these weapons, they are lost for that day. This is to help promote realistic usage of weapons by these groups that have unrestricted access in general, regardless of the status quo at the time. One thing I don't want to see, is a surge of strength of a particular criminal organization and all LEA officers being equipped to the teeth with weaponry, even if they're a lowly Officer I. More on this as it comes as it won't necessarily be this raw.

    Criminal Organisations


    Criminal organizations won't be established enough at launch to go official just yet. The opportunity to prove their worth will happen naturally and a lightweight radio system will be open for all to use early on and then phased out by our group chat tool "Sup?", which is a play on the real life counterpart "Whatsapp".

    What's next?

    You'll be able to create criminal organizations through the UCP (practically complete already), as long as you have a property as mentioned in the Economy section. Criminal organizations will require a heavier vetting process to become accredited, which will allow them the opportunity to receive weapons, drug and vehicle contracts from NPC/offshore contacts. This is established through well crafted roleplay of meetups and exchanges, setup and staged by organization staff. See the section 'Weapons' below. You can also read up more on accreditation here: https://forum.fiverp.net/index.php?threads/accreditation-status.1241/

    Criminal organizations will also get the opportunity to look into legitimized contract killing (requiring staff vetting), criminal activities such as burglary & smuggling (repeatable criminal only jobs that pay well, and are risky as hell to undergo), in game turfs with dynamic map included and much much more.



    Properties will be available, however purchasing them won't be possible until you earn enough cash and so we're holding off the full functionality of this system at launch. Properties are placed in game by our Property Staff team and have a base market value revolving around the location.

    What's next?

    In the future, they will be expanded over time to provide access to storage, rest for your characters (necessary part of the game function) and business opportunities. All organisations are depended on property as well and require at least one property assigned to them in order to go official.

    Commercial properties such as stores will be purchasable and alongside an organization, will be able to generate reasonable income for the business, owner and staff that are hired. See the section on 'The Economy & Legal Business roleplay'.

    Properties with garages will be attached to the property ID of the corresponding property. Standalone garages can also be purchased around Los Santos and will be an integral part of providing access to mechanic type businesses and modifications for vehicles.



    You'll be able to purchase as many vehicles as you can afford (purchase and maintain). Vehicles include Cars & Bikes including sports variants. Supers and unique vehicles will not be available to be purchased in a dealership. Select vehicles will also be able to purchase modification kits to upgrade some of the visuals on select vehicles. You can repair and color your vehicle at Los Santos Customs (will be phased out and made player driver). You can have as many vehicles as you can purchase but be aware, you will have to pay frequently costs to maintain these vehicles. All vehicles you own spawn on connect.

    What's next?
    Super & rare/classic vehicle auctioning
    Vehicle modifications
    Repairs player driven (no auto repair at LS Customs)



    At launch there will be no illegal weaponry available as no criminal organizations will be at a stage of accreditation or have access to weapons contracts as mentioned under Criminal Organizations above. The available weapons will be purchasable from a Ammunation for around $2500 ($125 per 16 rounds) for a Pistol and $3500 ($175 per 8 shells) for a Pump Shotgun.

    Police may also be able to put a weapons restriction on a player based on their criminal activity.

    What's next?

    Weapons licenses will come into play around concealed carry and potentially the purchase of weaponry from these stores in general.

    Criminal organizations with an active weapons contract will be able to acquire weaponry from offshore contacts. A weapons contract needs to be formed up front between the organization and an organization staff member who roleplays as the supplier. This allows for the roleplay proceedings to go ahead and an agreement to be formed. The organization is also required to pay up front (committing to the contract for a fixed amount of time/weapons drops) and the organization staff is given an opportunity to evaluate whether or not that organization deserves a contract in the first place. Contracts last for a fixed period of time (e.g 7 days) with a number of shipments available to be carried out by the organization (organization decides when and where 24 hours in advance to where the weapons exchange takes place)

    As such organizations will get to define the place for which they would like to retrieve the weaponry from, 24 hours in advance of the actual shipment occurring. At that point 24 hours on, the shipment will be available and organization staff have the opportunity to also be available at the location to roleplay the exchange. If no organization staff is available, no worries, the organization won't be gimped but at least it's a possibility. From there, the organization must retrieve the shipment (this can be anywhere, out at sea, in the desert, in an alley downtown) and must move the goods to a safe place (vehicles, properties etc.). They can then distribute and sell appropriately.

    The great thing about this is that it allows for other organizations (PD or rival organization) who find out about the location to spring an ambush, and sieze the goods for themselves. Emergent roleplay is created for appropriate scenarios to unfold in this manner.


    I hope you guys are excited as I am right now for launch. It's quite a surreal feeling after this community has been around for just about 2 years come the 3rd of January 2017. I'd like to thank all who've contributed this far especially the following in no particular order:

    Sam Green
    Risky Boots
    AC-130J Ghostrider

    These guys have been around to support the community for a long time now and without the combined efforts of everyone who has contributed thus far, we would likely not be here today.

  • Screenshots - to be updated

    WIP Launcher
    alt text

    A Speedometer created using CEF
    alt text

    Attaching vehicles to other vehicles
    alt text

    Attaching objects to vehicles
    alt text

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