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[Vehicle(s)] North American Bus(es) / [Train] Metrolink RS

  • Hi all. I'm looking to request, in general, buses of American origin. I see plenty of Ikarus, Scania, and even some Korean buses around. But as of yet, I've not seen anything from NABI or New Flyer, two of the main leaders in public transportation. I know there's an older New Flyer available for GTA: SA (http://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/cars/20663-new-flyer-d40lf.html), but other than that I can't seem to find anything from our modern times. If anyone would be capable of bringing a modern bus (or two) into the GTA V standard, it'd be much appreciated. If necessary I'd be willing to commission the work.

    I'm also looking to request, if possible, either the EMD F125 or EMD F59PH, with a Hyundai Rotem bilevel car (and maaaaybe a cab car?). We've already seen passenger rail cars are possible (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/german-double-stack-wagon-dbuz747-addon-enterable-interior-light-train-passenger-wagon), so I'm working toward putting together a Metrolink-style consist. Again, if necessary I'd be willing to commission the work. Hell, I'd be grateful if someone could even do a Metrolink texture for the linked passenger car.

    Thank you for your interest, to any who are. And for the trouble, to any who may take on the challenge.

  • Im on with you, its hard to believe no one made a new flyer bus yet :(

  • It's probably because models are hard to come by for such things. It's easier to find material for European stuff from Euro-sim type games, plus the mod crowd for ETS2 making coaches. The only New Flyer I've seen in a game is I think the OMSI 2 Chicago DLC, and it's not a new one either. Probably the source for the GTA San Andreas mod.

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