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  • I have tried every thing from deleting the whole game and reinstalled it like 4 times already and I still have this issue I put in this mod called Realistic Snow Traction and everything works awesome as it said it dose but when I uninstalled the mod the tire prints are still showing up like if the mod was never taken out and the snow is still on there the only mod I have is the simple native trainer and yes I reinstalled that as well fresh reinstall and still I get the tire marks and sliding.

    here are some pictures of the issue I am having sorry for any blurring I had to use my cell phone to take the pics.

    0_1482310481820_IMG_20161220_223133024.jpg 0_1482310503817_IMG_20161220_223136870.jpg 0_1482310527553_IMG_20161220_223202020.jpg 0_1482310543889_IMG_20161220_223204959.jpg

  • wow no one is going to help ?

  • @TR71777 Did you use a mods folder? If so, what happens if you rename it to something else so that nothing gets used from it?

  • @LeeC2202 I replaced everything and did a full fresh reinstall on everything I even looked for hidden files and it still dose this I just don't know what else I can do?

  • @TR71777 So you're saying this is on the vanilla game with absolutely no mods installed?

  • @LeeC2202 the only mod I ever installed was the simple native trainer and I wanted to try out that snow mod and ever since I installed it at first everything was good so I uninstalled the snow mod and that's when the tire tracks problem kept going I have the 7 disc set of the game from game stop and I don't know what else to do I reinstalled the game 5 times so far and still the same even without the native trainer and I just put the native trainer back in cause I know its not the trainer cause this never ever happened to me before ever.

  • @TR71777 But you've still not answered my question about whether you still have the mods folder active.

  • @LeeC2202 I just did and I even erased the mods folder and made a new fresh one when I meant by fresh install I meant everything including the mods folder and it still dose this

  • @TR71777 Right, I had to know for sure because when you reinstall the game, it won't delete the mods folder because it doesn't know it exists.

    So the next questions, is does it do this if you don't have a mods folder at all?

    I have to work out whether it is being caused by something inside or outside that folder. The only way to do that, is by taking that folder out of the equation.

    If it does it without that folder, and you have reinstalled the game, then it could be a trainer option that is being carried over. If that trainer is like the Enhanced Native Trainer, it stores the settings in a db file in your %AppData%\Roaming folder, so reinstalling won't get rid of them.

    So my last question, is do is do this without the trainer installed?

  • @LeeC2202 yup it stii dose it even without the simple native trainer

  • @TR71777 Okay... I have the same version of the game as you, either post a picture of your GTAV main folder on here, or send me a link via PM. Make sure explorer is showing the files in "Details" mode, so that I can see the file sizes. I will compare what you have, with what I have.

    Just to be clear, you are running version 944.1 aren't you?

  • @LeeC2202 yes I am running 944.1 ill do my best with the pictures cause I have to use my cell phone after I get off the phone with my daughter ill do what I can.

  • @TR71777 Just hit ALT + PrtSc key and it will capture an image of which ever window is active. Then just go into MS Paint and paste into a new document.

    If you want to hide any drive details, you can just draw over them in Paint with a white brush or something... or you can just crop the image to just show the files.

  • @LeeC2202 here are the three pics I hope I did this right

  • I am trying to post the pics but this forum thing saying its too big even when I resize them how small do they need to be to put them on here?

  • @TR71777 Pretty small, make sure they are jpg files and around 1280x720 (ish) or similar in size... aim for around 150Kb or less in file size.

    Or host them on something like Google drive and just post shared links.

    Edit: If you're saving out of MS Paint, you might not be able to get the file size down as far as 150KB, I think the limit might be around 2MB for forum images... just don't try to save them as BMP files, or they will be huge.

  • @LeeC2202 I hope I did this correctly.

    0_1482358023101_gta 5 file 3.jpg 1_1482358023101_gta 5 file 2.jpg 37;)

  • @LeeC2202 0_1482358062822_gta 5 file 1.jpg

  • @TR71777 Why do you have a file called gtamp-snow-mod_v2_2.asi in your GTAV folder, when we're trying to solve a snow-mod problem?

    And a NorthYankton.asi file... I thought you said you were using no mods?

    And why do you have the ScriptHookVDotNet.dll file in there, that's for developers?

    And I see TrainerV.asi, which is Simple Trainer, not Native Trainer.

  • @LeeC2202 the north yankton mod I thought I had that removed but I didn't see or know about the gstamp mod? I must of miss the north yankton mod but the only main mod I use is the simple trainer mod I don't have that good eye sight like I use to due to an accident that happened to me when I was younger.

  • @TR71777 Well I only have one eye that works properly and that needs a corrective lens. If I shut that eye I can't even read the 5MODS logo on this page.

    But you have to appreciate that when I ask if you're using no mods and you say you've removed them, then you post images with a mods folder a scripts folder and mods in your GTAV folder, you make it impossible to diagnose the problem.

    I can't help you, unless you help me... I can't see your game folders, so I have to rely on you telling me the truth to be able to help.

  • @LeeC2202 I understand that but I was being honest with you I mean I only use the simple native trainer mod but there were other asi mods but I took those out to check to see if that was the issue well they weren't the issue so I put the 6 star mod back in and riot mod but that's all I have for now and the simple native trainer but I am running a test as we speak with out the north yankton mod and that other thing that you noticed I had to put my face close to the tv screen just to see that gstamp mod my eyes are that bad I was in the army for 14 yrs and the accident happened just as I got out of the army due to combat injuries I received in Afghanistan the accident I had was when I got hit by a drunk driver head on the force of the impact made me hit my head and face hard to the dashboard they say I would have the eye issues probably for the rest of my life but it is what it is and I do and greatly appreciate your awesome help

  • @TR71777 Don't be afraid of using the tools on this page in the control panel, they make life much easier, the magnifier tool especially.


  • @LeeC2202 ahh ok that should be better well I took out that gstamp mod and it was the gstamp mod that was causing it and it was conflicting with the simple native trainer and north yankton mod I really want to thank you for your awesome help in this I mean wow I really didn't see that gstamp mod I thought mods don't install anything else by themselves I guess I was wrong

  • @TR71777 No problem, glad you got things working. :slight_smile:

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