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How do i make my custom engine sounds work?

  • (As i was an idiot and din't see this sub-forum I'm just going to repost it here......
    Hello everyone and today i'm currently working on a Engine sound mod i have replaced all the files i need but when i go in-game no sound is make from the vehicle other the tires have their sound if anyone could please help that would be great

    at 1:15 its lagging for some reason idk why

    As you can see om the video my custom engine sound's i made dosen't appear but, when i exit the old vehicle it puts the stock engine sound on it with some kind of twist to it. But when i was driving the Police2 the engine was completly normal, nothing was wrong with it.

    If anyone wants to help me or give me a guide feel free to reply or send me a private message. :)

  • I made some engine sounds if you want to check how they are made.

    Are you sure you made the sounds LOUD enough ?
    Are they at the correct frequency / compression / length ?

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