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forza horizon 3 cars in gta v

  • so we do need some forza horizon 3 cars in gta v but not only addon but also replace but do the vehicles we never had in gta v

    Chevrolet Super Sport replacing the fugitive

    Local Motors Rally Fighter replacing brawler

    2017 Acura Nsx replacing jester

    Bmw m4 replacing sentinel2

    Bmw m3 replacing sentinel

    2016 Cadillac Cts v Sedan replacing the Alpha

    2017 Ford f150 raptor replacing contender

    2012 Infiniti q50 repacing intruder

    lexus rcf replacing sultanrs

    2015 Range Rover Sport Svr

    1987 pontiac firebird Transam replacing ruiner

  • @Dannybus well they did release a non crypted version of the game, people are currently working on making everything the correct format

  • @TobsiCred Not really, i simply heard from friends on facebook that progress is being made, but there is nothing that tells us that it will succeed 100%, some things might still stop us from using the models

  • @TobsiCred Yeah basically

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