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[Question]"Limitless Add-On Gameconfig" Yet crash upon each new [Add-On] mod... (ERR_FIL_PACK_1)

  • So, I found this "Limitless Add-On Gameconfig" but, upon each new Add-On that I install, the game crashes, saying: ERR_FIL_PACK_1
    Game error, please reboot and restart game.
    http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d54/Kirzillian/2016-12-21 23_31_32-Grand Theft Auto V_zps2mbifr5j.jpg
    I know it's the Gameconfig, since it works if I delete a mod and use the crashed one.
    Funny, I did not know LIMITLESS was actually VERY limited? o_O

    Does anyone have a solution, or a working Gameconfig that supports a several few hundreds of mods?

    Thank you aforehand.

  • NVM: Seems i am at the game's limit...

    Now I need to learn how to combine mods.

    Anyone a clue where to start best?

    Thank you.

  • Anyone a clue on how to combine car packs, please?


    @Sammy1970 Take a look at Tutorials section please, exactly here to see how to do it.

  • Thank you, good Sir.

  • @Reyser Tried to read through the whole, but I got lost in the words, I'm afraid...
    Too much non-informational data overwhelming the informational data... :(


    @Sammy1970 ¿Where are you lost? Just tell me what it is that you do not understand and I'll try to help you.

    Anyway I still have to improve the tutorial, because I never added pics of what kind of information do you need to take for each data file (no enough free time), but I'll do it these days.

  • @Reyser The problem, for me, is that it contains far too much words, burying the actual info.
    I stated the same here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/679/gta-5-err_fil_pack_1/20
    To ME! a good tut would be as little words possible, having pure info.
    Example to make a simple note from a shut-down PC:

    1. Start PC, wait for background programs to load.
    2. Open Notepad
    3. Enter the information needed.
    4. Save to file.
    5. Shutdown PC.

    I could write a book giving this information, but why?
    This info will get buried in the flood of words, resulting in 2 things: one simply misses the information for a part, and one would forget the information due to the flood of words.

    Keep things very basic, use as few as words needed, retaining the core information.
    This information can surely be supported by pictures, of course...

    But, again, this is for me... being Asperger with ADHD.


    @Sammy1970 Yes, I wrote a lot on that tutorial, but it is divided into sections, so you don't need to read the entire tutorial, just the section that's explains what you want to do.

    I also think that a tutorial should be shorter, even if it's divided into sections, just to make it easier to read/understand. The problem in this case, is that GTA uses a lot of files that need to be edited just to add or replace 1 single car, and if that's not well done, then a lot of problems will appear (happened to me last summer) and will be even worse. That's why my tutorial is so long, to explain each one of these things and avoid this type of problems.

    Anyway I'll modify the tutorial to make it easier, but this will require more time to do it, is a long process.

  • I'm curious...
    What if we dropped everything from DLC packs (ONLY the add-on cars) with it's own DLCLIST.RPF into a single RPF, unchanged, and let the DLC.XML point to that new DLCLIST?
    And we do the same with the EXTRATITLEUPDATEDATA.XML?

    Could that work, you think?

    Basically, we create a single DLC that includes all alterations from the game...?

    Seeing, many use a different format to make add-ons, this should be very doable.
    At least, thus the theory says due to it is logical...


    @Sammy1970 You're confused:

    1.- dlclist.rpf and dlc.xml files doesn't exists. Maybe you're refering to dlc.rpf and dlclist.xml?
    2.- You never will need to modify extratitleupdatedata.xml because mods don't use this file. It's just for Rockstar updates.
    3.- To what alterations are you refering?

    About people using different ways to make an Add-On, they do them very bad (not all, but most of them). Some people make Add-On's replacing old ones, and this causes memory leaks against other things to the game. They should use an stable Add-On base (as my mod is) as a reference to make good Add-On's.

    I think If everyone used the same method/way to create an Add-On, there won't be the problems that most of the people have with them.

    BTW: I reduced a bit the tutorial to make it more easier to understand each step. I think it'll be still a bit harder for some people to understand how to create Add-Ons but there's not other easier ways to do it (Keep in mind that this game was developed by professional programmers, I can't simplify much more the tutorial). I just need to add images and it will be updated later.

  • @Reyser
    DLCLIST.RPF I know, those we create, but can have whatever name.
    We need to point the original DLCLIST to this new .XML inside our brand new .RPF file, that hold all mods.

    DLC.XML, yes, my bad, typo...

    Question would be: would this work?



    Mmm, maybe it could work, but I'm not sure. About that, I had a similar idea:

    • 1 DLC folder (in dlcpacks) called ADDONS, that hold all type mods (peds, vehicles, weapons, etc) divided into different RPF's (one for each type). An example:

    dlcvehicles.rpf -> For vehicle mods.
    dlcpeds.rpf -> For peds mods.
    dlcweapons.rpf -> All weapons mods.

    All of them into the same ADDONS folder, against a folder with a dlc.rpf file for each thing.

    I think this one could work.

  • What precisely creates the gta 5 err_fil_pack_1 error?
    How does the game detect that we run too many add-ons?
    Is this in the DLCLIST.XML?
    Is this file the limited file?
    Or does an other limit tells us this?



    ERR_FIL_PACK_1: The total of vehicles that the game try to load is higher than the default limit, or you're using a SCRIPT mod that's incompatible with the most recent game version.

    How to fix that? Try to use the "gameconfig.xml" by F7YO available on main GTA5-Mods website, or check that all your SCRIPT mods are compatible with the most recent game version.

    That's what and why. I had that problem and I fixed it removing Benny's Motorworks Script mod (it's outdated).

    Game have the limits of memory at the gameconfig.xml file. If game counts a number of cars superior than his limit, then it crashes returning this error.

  • @Reyser Hmm, this is my issue: I had this error myself.
    Adding a new mod gave this error.
    Now, I could remove another, and THEN add the new one, which worked fine.
    Thus, it was not a mod conflict, but a too great a load.

    I'm currently using this one: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars

    Do you have a link to yours, brother?


    @Sammy1970 You're using the same as I am.

    Which amount of DLC folders do you have at your /update/x64/dlcpacks/ path?

  • @Reyser 72 subfolders in DLCPACKS, but I deactivated two in DLCLIST.XML to add 2 other...
    So, 70 active.


    @Sammy1970 LOL. I'm sure at 99% that your crash error is because of this amount of subfolders.

    Please, take a look at the :arrow_right: Simplyfied tutorial :arrow_left: and try to create an ADDONS folder to add on it all the content of your 70 subfolders.

    With this, you'll have all your car mods on the same DLC without the need to have more than 2 subfolders of Add-Ons.

    Tutorial is still a bit longer, but less than before. Hope it helps you.

  • @Reyser Thank you, a lot, Sir.
    PS: it's the amount without the original game folder... :S

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