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Changed animations

  • So, here's something some expert modders can do.

    I hate the falling animations in GTA 5, and I sure as hell hate the driving animations as well.

    My problem with the falling animations, is when I fall without a parachute with Player Ragdoll turned off in Menyoo, the character falls like they're a fucking ape or some shit. It looks even worse with female characters. I'd prefer the falling animation Vice City recreated for GTA 5, or the old falling animation from GTA IV (I mean the one that executes if you walk off a high area without pressing the JUMP button, also plays before you go into that ragdoll mode.)

    As for the driving animations, I hate that shit too. In third person, your character goes hand over hand... ONCE. In first person, you just steer it like a go-kart (the lowriders don't steer hand over hand either, they steer like in first person).

    Also, the steering wheel in the car just tilts left or right, doesn't do a 1080° spin whichever direction it's turned, just steers like a go-kart steering wheel.

    I'd prefer a full 1080° turn animation for the steering wheel and the driver hands, even in the lowriders, and first person.

    In first person, you stand like a fucking moron. That's a great start, right, because a guy totally stands sideways at a crosswalk. Especially when you're crouching, it's the grossest shit, you literally have your hands in your face, and you're crouching, SIDEWAYS.

    In real life, have you EVER seen someone stand like that, other than for some weirdo in a NYC alleyway to have done it? It fits Trevor's character more, since he seems insane enough to act in strange ways (after all, he passes out on train tracks, and hurls in fountains.)

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