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S_m_m_ peds crash game

  • I am not sure why, but as of yesterday any peds that are under the S_M_M category crash the game whenever I try to spawn a model from a trainer or in Map Editor. In OpenIV it says that the files are corrupt so I just used my backup files and it was fine after that until I started up the game again, then the files were corrupt once more. Is anyone else having this problem and does anybody know how to fix it? Thank you!

  • UPDATE: okay, so I don't even have to start the game for the files to corrupt. I just replaced the S_M_M files with the backup (it was fine after that), then closed and reopened OpenIV, and then the files were corrupt again. I have no idea why this is happening

  • @MrAwesome721 Which rpf file are those in? A rather radical solution would be to make those files read only, see if that stop it.

    Other than that, I would suggest running a full drive check to make sure you've not got some cross-linked files or something. In fact, I would suggest that be your first course of action, just to make sure... If you are using an SSD, make sure you don't choose the surface scan option, that's for physical drives only.

  • @LeeC2202 they are located in x64e under models. I'll see if what you said to do works! Thank you

  • @MrAwesome721 You're not trying to add them to the original game files are you?

  • @LeeC2202 no I am not adding them to the original game files. I have been replacing them. I open up my backup in OpenIV and copy them to my desktop then replace the ones in my actual game to the ones from the backup. When I do that, the archives open but then as soon as I close OpenIV and start it again it says the files are in an unknown format or are corrupted. It's not just componentpeds_s_m_m.rpf it's also u_f_m.rpf, u_m_m.rpf, u_m_y.rpf, streamedpeds_a_c.rpf, and streamedpeds_hc.rpf.

  • @LeeC2202 0_1482434222221_Capture.PNG These are the archives that keep getting corrupted.

  • @LeeC2202 0_1482434313684_Capture.PNG This is the error message

  • @MrAwesome721 Are you using the Steam version of the game? Sorry, I was typing that and didn't notice your post.

  • @LeeC2202 Yes I am, I've been modding the game for about 5 months now and have had no problems. I recently just added "Left4Santos" and replaced "ig_bankman" with a Nathan Drake model. I already deleted the Nathan Drake model and replaced ig_bankman back to normal but it is still messing up

  • @MrAwesome721 It looks like you're not using a mods folder, which I understand is something you don't need to do with the Steam version. However, I would be very tempted to let Steam verify the game files and then set up a mods folder to handle all your edited files.

    The idea behind the mods folder is that your original files never get touched, so they are your backup files. Maybe the process that you are using to transfer the files from your backup to the original game files, is what is causing the corruption.

    What happens if you copy the whole x64e.rpf from your backup to the game folder without using OpenIV? I know that will mean you will lose whatever you have added to your modified x64e.rpf but at this point in time, you have nothing to lose if you are constantly getting the corrupted files error.

  • @LeeC2202 This is so weird. So I replaced the entire x64e.rpf and now componentpeds_s_m_m.rpf is working but different ones that were working before are now corrupt. I think I am just going to verify the game files in steam.

  • @MrAwesome721 That sounds like the best option... when you get situations like this, you can end up chasing files forever.

  • @LeeC2202 yeah, it's not a problem. I have a lot of mods I don't even really use anymore so I can clean up a little bit from this lol. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

  • @MrAwesome721 No problem, hope you get it sorted.

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