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Info about Installing Car mods

  • This is just some things people should know about car mods that a lot of people don't realize and some things I find myself having to answer questions about repeatedly.

    Now obviously the simple stuff is that car mods are installed with openIV, pretty much everyone knows that but if you are new to the modding scene here you go.

    Download OpenIV here


    You can find the cars to replace in different locations inside "vehicle.rpf" files, these files are located inside your gta folders including "x64e" "x64w" and "update" folders, cars are sometimes duplicated, if a car was in the game when it launched it will be in the "x64e" vehicles.rpf, however if the car got updated in a dlc or patch, the car will ALSO be in the "update" or "x64w" dlc and patch vehicle.rpf's

    Make sure you hit "edit mode" at the top of openIV before you try doing anything

    An easy way to find the newest file for a car is to click "Tools" then "search" on openIV (Hotkeys Ctrl + F3) then type in the name of the car you are replacing,

    alt text

    For example if you search adder_hi it will bring up every file in the entire game with that name, that particular car has never been updated so it will show you the one file by that name located in x64e.rpf>levels>gta5>vehicles.rpf
    Click the file to be taken to that location where you can then replace it

    alt text

    (Note i have two adder_hi folders in my GTA in this screenshot because i'm using a mods folder, i highly advise you do this, OpenIV will do it for you if you let it when it asks you, it duplicates your car files so if something goes wrong you can revert to the original)

    If you search for a car that has multiple versions, look at the names of the folders, for example if it shows a copy of the car in the x64e.rpf location, and in the patchday2ng location, then you know to replace the patchday2ng car file as that is the newer location that the game is using

    A car mod can replace ANY car in the game regardless of type,
    You do NOT need to install it over the specific car it has been named to replace, there are only two things that will prevent it from working correctly if you replace a different car.
    Reason 1: if the car uses any GTA V stock textures, if it a vanilla car edit then it will use them, if you place one of these cars in the wrong location and it doesn't have all the necessary stock textures already in its .ytd file, then it will be unable to locate them and it's interior textures etc will show up as a mess ingame, the textures it wants should be in the vehshare file so if you can dig them out and put them in the .ytd it should solve any issues, example cars, this schafter is based off the stock GTA V car, (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/schafter-shooting-brake) it uses interior textures and dial textures that the original car uses so it must replace an ingame shafter for the textures to look pretty, if you don't care about a few missing textures you can still go ahead and install over a different car. This Koenigsegg however has no such texture restrictions, https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-koenigsegg-regera-convertible you could install that over ANY car without any texture issues as everything it needs is included in the .ytd file.
    Reason 2: if your modded car cant behave well on the handling of whatever car you replaced this can be a problem, most cars will work on anything from the adder to the panto, but some cars will flip over when you turn or the suspension travel will be too much and the wheels might scrape or go through the wheel arches, these can be fixed by changing the cars info lines the handling.meta file, take the handling info from the car it was supposed to replace, and put it over the handling of the car you have replaced.

    You can still install an add on car as a replace car
    All you have to do is put the dlc.rpf of the add on somewhere (anywhere) in your gta folder then use openIV to open it, extract the car files, then use them to replace whatever car you want.

    Modded car .yft files are identicle a lot of the time,
    When most people make a car the .yft file is just copy and renamed so there is (example) adder.yft and adder_hi.yft, it is mainly stock GTA cars that have two different .yft files, some .yfts are slightly different though, but its good that you know you don't need two seperate ones for the mod to work so that if you only have one .yft you know you can still install it just use the same .yft to replace both .yfts in openiv.

    You do not need to rename a file to replace a different car.
    Simply right click on the car you wish to replace in OpenIV, then select replace from the menu that appears, then select the car file you wish (regardless of name) it will automatically name to the car you are replacing.

    You can make any car add on quite easily by using a different cars add on
    If your favorite car mod doesn't have add on simply download an add on car that you don't want, there are tons of add on cars it isn't difficult to find one you don't want, install it correctly, then open the dlc.rpf file that contains the car model, replace the files with the car you want, and viola the car you wanted will now work as add on, replace the handling lines in the file (also located in the dlc.rpf file) and you can make it handle how you want.

    A police car does not have to replace a police car and a civilian car can replace a police car
    If you replace a civilian car with a police car, the sirens will not work, however the car will work fine aside from those sirens.
    if you replace a police car with a civilian car, the car will be able to turn on a siren have a police horn and its normal taillights etc should flash on and off like an undercover police car

    Police cars can be made add on too
    Use this pack as a guide for the needed handling.meta and vehicles.meta stuff https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/more-police-cars-to-add-v1-2

    When a car has extra's these are parts that spawn randomly on the car when it appears ingame, or can be manually toggled using a trainer
    Vanilla GTA V cars usually have things like coffee cups or ashtrays as extra parts, modded cars usually have things like hardtop roofs bullbars etc
    alt text

    If a car has tuning parts you don't have to install the tuning parts if you cant be bothered.
    The car will still work fine it just wont have the special customization parts

    If you want to install a skin for a car but you downloaded it and its just a .dds picture file and you're confused as to what to do with it, what you do is go to openIV, go to the .ytd file of the car you want to apply the skin to, for example cheetah.ytd, make sure you are in edit mode on openiv, then double click to open the .ytd file, then either use the import button to bring the texture in, or find the current texture, click it, then hit replace

    That's all that's come to my mind currently, I have some work to do so leaving it at that, will update with more info if I think of anything, any questions post them below and i'll do my best to answer.


    Great post to introduce people to GTA V Modding world ;)

    :regional_indicator_g: :regional_indicator_o: :regional_indicator_o: :regional_indicator_d: :zap: :regional_indicator_j: :regional_indicator_o: :regional_indicator_b:

  • @Reyser Thanks Reyser :) :spy:

  • @AuthorSaulAlan Wow, Excllent work mate. Otherwise, nowadays people just put in the youtube link to shorten the work and more lazy approach.
    I like the demo here, very in-detailed look-through.

  • Thanks man @ashishcw yeah for this subject it's best to have it written out lol
    plus the last video tutorial I did for something was all good until I uploaded it to YouTube and it messed up the video 😒 lol need a decent screen recording software for desktop and open program's so I can include videos with the written tutorials

  • Hey guys not trying to hijack this thread but, downloading any of these vehicles won't get you banned right?
    Or lets say i want the tachometer/speedometer mod along with it? Sorry to be a bother.

  • @THAVICIOUS1 So long as you dont enter online mode you will have no problems (: infact even that is unlikely to cause a ban if it was just a car model it would be fine, but better safe than sorry and all that right (:

  • Good Post!

  • @J4m3z Cheers bud :)

  • @AuthorSaulAlan what about when some mods say to replace the carcols folder or vehicle.meta folders and such? Will they still work if you dont replace those?

  • @AuthorSaulAlan my game issue is when i put a bunch of mods in (all tested and worked at one point) at once the game crashes but when i do 4 each time its fine but i had tried to put the 2015 challenger in and it said to replace the content.xml, carcols, carvariations, and vehicle.meta folders and it crashed. Also can you somehow verify game cache without it deleting the whole x64e/x64w files but instead just the problematic one?

  • Thanks for this... at 7:00 A.M. or anytime this is a big help. ;0-) I've been confused about this topic for a while and wondering why car mods have been breaking my LSPDFR mod when I use it with Realism Dispatch after I install some ELS Car mods and now I think I understand why thanks to you.

  • @TiberiusJonez glad it helped :)

  • Im instaled the ken block Gymkhana mod that replaces elegy2. The car are perfectly replaced and when I go check the .ytd file, the texture tha comes with the mod are correctly applied to the model, but when Im playng the game, the car skin wont load and the car uses the texture of the nearby objects of the map. Do you know whats happening?

  • hi guys, I'm super confused about all of this lol, how do you get the GTA folder? plus I'm on mac so overtime i try and install it, it says download in to an application? can someone help ASAP? all i want is the car mods for my little bro lol

  • @jaybob110 LOL, thats your problem you are on a mac if im not mistaken most games for PC dont work on mac. Solution get a PC.

  • Hi ...i just replaced franklins car with the srt demon but xant get modfications right ....anyone know how to fix it ?

  • @AuthorSaulAlan this is some excellent info. I'm trying to change Franklin's car (Buffalo2) to a car that replaces the Primo and comes with the Bennys upgrades for it as well. I was wondering how I do this with the Buffalo2 as it has no Bennys upgrade.


    That's the car I was hoping to replace with the buffalo2.


  • @AuthorSaulAlan I want ask, if the Add-on cars has customizable parts, which folders should I put it? I want to replace buffalo. Normal, not Franklin buffalo. Please answer

  • @Transflux you would have to edit a file somewhere to tell the game to let that car use bennys parts, I don't know which file or what part you'd change as i've never tried so I can't help there sorry :/

    @AfiqSana16 if you search for buffalo_mods with the openiv searcher youll find the file where tuning parts go, however you cant just replace the whole folder you have to replace the individual parts but its tricky they rarely work just replacing them, however if theres a hood part for the tuning car and a hood part for the buffalo theres a chance it might work if you just switch them,
    if you know how to edit the files (similar to transfluxs problem) then you can easily enough swap the whole buffalo_mods file and just tell the game what parts are in there but i dont know what file/what to write

  • @AuthorSaulAlan so you saying is, if buffalo has 1 tuning parts, I can replace that tuning parts with the tuning parts from the car I want to replace it? Example: buffalo hood replace with skyline hood

  • @AfiqSana16 yeah exactly, not messed with tuning parts for a long time but i'm sure i've done that and had it work but yet other times had it not work so not sure what the deal is exactly tbh

  • @AuthorSaulAlan I just do that for sultan RS and it's tuning parts, the game crash at loading screen 😂. Now I will only make the cars stock without tuning parts I and maybe learn how to install Add-on cars. Thanks for your replies. Have a nice day bro. 👍

  • @AfiqSana16 Haha oh gosh the joys of experimenting, sorry i couldn't be of more help man, cheers you too :thumbsup_tone2:

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