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New to GTA Modding: There a Mod to Spawn Cops on Top of Mt Chiliad?

  • Hi guys, i just started modding gta 5 for the first time today so the huge list of mods is a little overbearing. I was wondering if there was a mod that can spawn cops (in cars) in any location, specifically like on top of mt chiliad. I missed times where cops hilariously drove down and tumbled off the mountains before Rockstar patched it so only choppers come to you at the highest point of the map. Any and all suggestions/recommendations are welcomed!

  • You can edit dispatch.meta in update.rpf, or you may use ragepluginhook to spawn npcs just like any trainers or lspdfr with a custom dispatch by location

  • Yeah I'm trying to read the dispatch.meta file that is included in the game, I see some people modify it to have varying types of police but I can't find anything in regards to spawn locations. Like being able to set the file back before RS patched the 'fixed' locations for cop spawns.

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