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texture glitch/disappearing textures/texture pop-ins

  • hi guys. i replaced most of the vehicles (vanilla & dlcs) and after around 15 minutes of playing, the disappearing texture issue comes back again. is there a fix for this, or any tips to improve the 15-20 minutes mark? i read from GTA IV forums that this is caused by "memory leaks"... is this true? is there any way i can fix this, or do i have to be content playing with less real life cars in the game?

    any help would be much appreciated! :)

    my rig - i5, GTX 970, 16GB RAM

  • me too

  • @BugsBro
    Most likely caused by vehicles containing a lot of big textures. Have a read over this post for details on how to remove or reduce them in size.
    Also this thread is worth a read for what to look out for when replacing vehicles. :thumbsup:

  • well ive had vehicle packs and liberty rewind before and it never lost textures from gta 5

    maybe its a outdated version
    but it s a lot of files to remove

  • my game started losing textures after i downloaded liberty city rewind

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