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Mods break missions

  • any mod, script, etc. breaks certain missions. no cutscene but also i get god mode. is there a fix? cause its a pain to close game take out scripts and asi do the mission and repeat.

  • @Xnitro67 You have to be more specific if you want help.

    What version of GTA V are you using? Retail or Steam?
    What is your game version?
    What mods are you using currently?

    Open All interiors is known to do that. Make sure to remove it when you play missions, if you have installed it.

  • If he uses mods, he has an altered GameGonfig file, and THAT screws up some missions.

    @Xnitro67 make sure, you have a CLEAN version installed (full game, but NOT altered in ALY way).
    Use that version to do all missions you cannot do in the modded game.
    I do the very same, actually, and it works very well.... :)

    Another solution would be: restore the game each time that you get a failed/unable to do mission and afterwards simply add all mods back.
    But that's too crazy, my solution is far speedier and stable. ;)

  • so no addon cars cause isnt that what the gameconfig file is

  • @Xnitro67basically it's a xml file in update.rpf where you can set the memory dedicated to every part of the game (such as Vehicles, Peds , textures etc etc )

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