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Zlib error catch. OpenIV corrupted mods folder.

  • What can cause openIV to corrupt .rpf files?

    To many large files in one .rpf at a time making the .rpf to big for openIV to handle?

    Having a path that is to long for Windows to be able to "drag & drop" the mods into openIV?

    Or is it just random?

    Great... Well, I have my work cut out for me tonight... lol


    @Weirdoutworld I had this error yesterday replacing some data files (popgroups.ymt, dispatch.meta, vehiclemodelsets.meta, and carcols.ymt).

    I had to reinstall the whole clean update.rpf and my mods located there again and then tried to put the same files again. This time without error and my game working perfect. I think was an OpenIV problem, but the files weren't corrupted. Random errors like Windows 10 maybe?...

  • @Reyser It happened when I added a bunch of 2k-4k textures to x64l.rpf city_e & city_w. When I try to open the .rpf file I actually get a "corrupted data: cannot open .rpf archive" message from openIV when I go back to check what I installed.


    @Weirdoutworld Try to restore the original file and install again the same mod files. If you still get that error, maybe the mod is the problem.

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