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Blazer 5 carcols

  • Who can send the Carcols of blazer 5 to me?

  • @CSQ574 Nobody can upload original game files on the forums, it is not allowed. My suggestion is to either use the values from your backup files, or if you don't have backups, verify your game files and get the values back that way.

    Uploading the files onto the forums could be seen as direct copyright infringement, so there has to be a rule in place that protects the site, it's why you can't upload original game files as a mod for instance, there has to be some modification done to them. I hope you can appreciate why the site has to protect itself in this way.

    If you can find someone to do it via a private source, that you will have to do it that way.

  • @LeeC2202 He does not have to upload it to the forum but send me to my e-mail :)

  • @CSQ574 Yeah that's fine, I just wanted to explain the reasoning behind it, so it didn't just look like me being a party-pooper. :slight_smile:

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