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Audi R8

  • I've been trying to install the Audi R8 from https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/audi-r8 and its never working i tried installing it multiple times and still to this day it does not want to work. Someone comment and help me with this.

  • @Natvis How did you try and install it? Where did you put the files?

  • I replaced it with the ninef (9F) I used openIV and i went to x64e and did the normal process and it still didnt work.

  • @Natvis That's because the latest versions of the ninef are not in x64e.rpf.

    As the instructions on the mod page say, you have to go into OpenIV and use the search function (Control + F3) to find the latest version of those files, then replace them there.

    Or alternatively, you can add them into the latest patchday13ng folder and that will also work.

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