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How to mod buildings/signs?

  • Hi there
    I would like to start modding some buildings, i.e the Downtown Police station. All I'd like to do is change the signs to ones from my own custom force.

    If anyone knows how I would go about doing this, then I'm all ears and open to any suggestions.



    @qwertyTech Hello! You have to find the ydr and ytd files for buildings that u want to edit and export the embedded textures using OpenIV. They will come out as DDS files. I use a free online site to convert them to PNG. You can then edit the PNG files with PS6 or some other software. Then embed your new PNGs into the ydr file using OpenIV again. Then boot up the game to see your cool new textures!

    Once you like what you have done the hard work begins... You have to search and find all the LOD files and scale your textures and embed in each associated LOD file so that your in-game textures are visible and consistent up close and far away.

    I wish you luck! I would like to see your work, maybe u can post screenshots here in this thread? :smile:

  • @DarthPungz Where are the building files located?

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