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How to fix tuning parts and lights not working on addons or making your own car packs

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    @Willief23 Didn't know that way to fix lights not working, good job :100:.

    What I always did to fix them is a bit easier, because I took the <Lights> section that comes with the Porsche 918 Spyder car by Se7enmoon and used the ID (918) for all other cars I have as Add-Ons, and problem solved XD

  • @Reyser this method is mainly more to fix the tuning parts aka extra bumpers in los santos customs not working or showing up but works for lights as well. Changing the light id or modkit id works too but it takes anywhere from 2-50 tries before you find one that works plus you have to keep reloading the whole game for every new id you try. This way works from the start as long as you copy the info correctly to the carcols.ymt file.

  • @Reyser A similar method works for mods as well. I have 2 cars sharing the same modkit ID with no problems. Granted you don't get any visual mods obviously, but you can use the engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes, and horns at least.


    @kaddigart Yes I know, I use always "0_default_modkit" for every car that doesn't have tuning parts.

  • @Reyser Are you still able to apply the engine, exhaust, etc using "0"? Seems like I tried that once and was unable to use the generic mods either. Might have just not had it matching in carvariations.meta though.

  • Hey @Willief23, I have the problem that you mention
    [ I know when you start doing 60+ cars in 1 dlc car pack you run into a limit of the tuning parts stop working or cause other cars tuning parts to stop working. I think its between 22-25 cars with tuning parts that after that number it will cause other cars in either your car pack or cars tuning parts from original game to stop working so hopefully this fixes that problem.]
    This is my problem, is there any solution for this? Thank You in advance. I appreciate your post too. Thanks
    I already try install the file you mention above and it doesn't work. :(


    @kaddigart Yes I can use generic modifications with it.

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  • @Willief23 it was 3.1

  • @Burn1496 well you must have copied the info incorrectly i am up to over 60 cars in my big dlc car pack that i am still adding stuff to and with this method all my modkits and lights work correctly. you must copy the data from the <kits> section and the <lights> section of your carcols.meta file to the carcols.ymt file. You have to put the info in each appropriate section not just copy your whole carcols.meta info and paste it all under <kits> of carcol.ymt

  • @Willief23 Thank You so much. It work now, I just copy the carcols from my add-on dlc and place it in kompetenzz carcol.ymt , then delete the dlc carcols. One more question, does this support 100+ cars?

  • @Burn1496 i havent gotten to 100+cars in my big dlc carpack yet but it should still work the same. Eventually like all games there will be a limit but it could be anywhere from 150-300 cars with tuning parts before it hits the limit.

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  • @Willief23 I'm still on good old 1.0.350 (really time I start installing my store-bought 7-disc copy...) and have a total of 52 add-on dlc's (organized by manufacturer like alfa, bmw, ferrari, and type like supercars, musclecars and so on) with a total of over 400 cars, i lost count (and about half has tuning parts), so the game can stretch the limits quite extensively ;)

  • @ReNNie its hit or miss with tuning parts working or not working. Most of mine didnt work without using the carcols.ymt method and now all of them work. The newer game versions make it harder and harder to mod.

  • That's because R* keeps adding new dlcpacks as add-ons which limits the game ( highly modified gameconfig.xml is required at this point).

  • Thanks for this.

    This is absolute bullshit on R*'s part. I understand that this game is nothing but a pure masterpiece but come on. The community is extremely big and couldn't they have done something to complement the modders like say, Witcher 3, FO4, and Skyrim's communities? I just don't understand why a perfectly fine game had to be altered in such a way where even the gameconfig.xml can't bypass the hard cap on add-on cars. THis is just downright confusing and beyond comprehension. Maybe they just love to operate independently and disregard the fact that a good portion of PC players rely on mods for replay value. Otherwise this game can become relatively bland after beating the story...

  • Btw I have a problem now, I have around 50 or so cars in my addon pack and copying the <kits> and <lights> section into their respective sections from .meta to the .ymt carcols file and now the game will just crash upon launch. So weird.

    Also, some of my lights are messed up completely. I8, 918, 911, AVJ, Aventador SV, Huracan Spyder. Surprisingly, only these cars are bugged. It's either so bright that my entire screen turns white, or the light just does not turn on at all. Also, for all the cars with the messed up lights, tuning mods are suddenly unavailable. The strange thing about this is I think this bug started happening after I started creating my second add-on pack with some planes and bikes. Last night I was playing around with the AVJ and SV and I was certain they were fine and could be modded at LSC. ANy input on this? Is there an easier method to bypass this issue?

    @Reyser you mentioned using 918 for every car. Do you mean literally just typing 918 for every add-on car's light ID? That's it? Do you need to alter any other values? ALso do you actually copy the actual lights line and then edit the value or do you duplicate the existing 918 one and then change the <name> at the end of the lights section to the car you want to use it for?

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    @negnoodles My way to get car lights working is easy (works for 95% vehicles):

    :one:: Since the Porsche 918 Spyder by Se7enmoon was released, I used his <Lights> configuration for all the vehicles.
    :two:: To do that, just create a new "<Lights> content will go here, between both tags </Lights>" section in the carcols.meta file of your own DLC, after </kits> section (You don't need to do that if it already includes this section.
    :three:: Copy the entire <Lights> content </Lights> lines from the 918 mod to your own section (mentioned above). That's all with carcols.meta file.
    :four:: Now, go to your own carvariations.meta file. Find the <lightsettings> tag for every car you have installed, and replace the value of this tag to 918. Doing that, all the vehicles will use the 918 value of the lights data located in carcols.meta.

    Note: Some vehicles with more than 1 headlight in each front-side (some old vehicles as example), can have a bugged corona (wrong corona position), so if this happens and if I'm not wrong, you should change the corona's amount on <headlights> section inside the <Lights> one from 1 to 2 or more, depending if the car have more than 1 headlight per side.

    Note 2 & Edit 1: Using this data, the tailights corona's will be removed from all the cars that are using the 918 value, so if you don't like these corona's, that would be perfect for you.

    Edit 2: Sorry because I couldn't answer quickly, but I did an exam past Monday and I still have one more tomorrow, that's why I'm more inactive than usually.

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  • @Reyser Wait, you copy the entire <Lights> from the 918 again to the carcols for a different car? That clutters up your carcols unneededly!
    I just refer in the <Lightsettings> inside carvariations for most Audi's (for example, as I don't want those rear lights to have corona's) to the 918. No need to copy that info again. The game reads all info from carcols inside the dlcpacks folder. So you can easily re-use Light settings...

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  • Oh ok thanks so much. THis does clear the confusion up. It's a tad saddening though, as suddenly half the cars (the good ones too, like the YCA mods and all the ferraris) stopped having light and just stopped working entirely in terms of light and tuning...now only the model spawns, but that's the same as having a completely malfunctional car as I tend to tune the car and then store it in the garages provided by SPA.

    I've been slowly bringing some mods over to my 2nd DLC pack, and I think it's the only way to fix the broken cars. It's almost as if I have to recreate new packs because despite freeing up some space in the first DLC pack, the existing non-working cars still remain that way

    @ReNNie: I have to ask, does this ONLY fix the lights? What about the tuning? Because whenever a car from my dlcpack loses its light, the tuning becomes unavailable too

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