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  • Marry Christmas Everyone I finally got my Add On Cars to work Great Just that I cannot get the Add On peds to work Can someone help me on this please should I put them before the patchday12 or should I reinstall them or wait for an update because every-time I try to put it in it crashes and I use the Add On Peds Before with the Advanced Gameconfig but nothing works can someone help me please thanks Here is what I am using Gameconfig (1.0.944.2) I am using the Cars X3 and Ped X3


    @G1Convoy Please take a look at THIS mod to add peds to your game. I use it and works very well.

  • Yea I did that and IT STILL FUCKING CRASHING

  • I really Need help here guys the Add On peds are not Working its just the Cars are and I did mod the GameConfig to the Specs and nothing

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