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some help?(ERR_SYS_FILELOAD)

  • So i haven't played the game in a while i reinstalled it but now anytime i update my dlclist.xml i get an error in loading screen with "corrupt game data" the coding in it looks fine i really can't figure it out any help?

    Error while loading "ERR_SYS_FILELOAD"

    latest ver steam with only latest script hook and open iv.asi and menyoo and mods folder update folder thats all no other mods other than the modded dlclist and gameconfig(https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars)

    i feel its something stupid but i can't figure it out at all... All i want to do is add addon cars

    Any help?

  • openiv.asi log file

    just if this helps? any other logs let me know

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