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GTA 5 - v944.2 Bugs

  • hi! need some input on these issues i found

    Win7 x64
    Gtx 1080
    16gb Ram

    Fresh install GTA 5, no saves files included.

    1 issue - whenever i go to graphic settings it always prompt me that i have not applied the last settings eventhough i did. this does not happen to the last build. this keep happening everytime i go to the graphic menu.

    2 issue - i cant call out prostitutes. they just stand there and do their pose. blinking n horning doesnt work.

    been playing gta for 6mths plus so i roughly get the general idea of how gta works. i have google both issues but none are helping. anyone facing these issues with fresh install?

  • @Spawn I had a similar issue with graphics, and I deleted the settings.xml which saves the graphics settings (it's in documents, I think) and after loading the game, the issue is gone. Not sure about the second issue though.

  • @Akila_Reigns

    yes i delete the settings.xml too
    went into game and it still prompt that notifications. pressing Cance, Yes or No doesnt makes any difference. cause when i looked into the settings everything was to my settings previously. even under the advance graphic options the extended video scaling wasnt saved the rest of it was saved.

  • @Spawn Check if the settings.xml is "read only" by clicking properties. If so, untick it.

  • yup its untick.
    just finish installing v 877.1
    graphic settings no issues as to v944.
    here is what i noticed,

    in v877 after u set the graphic settings it will prompt u that gta need to restart but it wont automatically restart. u need to launch it again. all settings loaded with no prompt at all.

    in 944 it will restart the game but prompt will pop out that last settings were not applied. clicking Yes, No or Cancel is the same. it load my last save settings. under advance graphic setting extended shadow distance will never be save.

    so..everytime i load the graphic settings in v944 it will prompt that i have not applied my last save settings plus i need to go to advance graphic settings to set the extended shadow distance. i have to do this everytime i load the game.

  • @Spawn I don't know if this will work, but try to change the graphics settings via GeForce Experience. Maybe then it'll be saved.

  • @Akila_Reigns ouh..never meddle with geforce before..will find out more bout it. any tips/tricks u can share?

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