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[Script][Vehicle] Fighter Jet improvement mod (RDE)

  • For an added bonus for the HUD script, it should universally remove turbulence...because fk that lol.

  • @Golden_Darknezz just a test... would this be better ?
    alt text

  • @TheSigui It's definitely a start. :)
    However the whole W with -20 -10 0 10 20 lines seems to be out of place in third person. It's a bit too big for my taste. Is there anyway to make it configurable to the users liking? I'd like to replace it with instead a reticle exactly like this as well as rid the lines altogether:

    The reticle in that screenshot moves with the aircraft. That'd be an excellent addition. Here's an example:

    And the closer you get to a target, a gun reticle pops up:

    At around 1:54 of the video is when the gun reticle shows. Really cool imo. If it's possible, what should be done is bullet drop/travel along with non-explosive guns. (Not even the warthog had explosive chain gun in AC, but it could be an excellent armament to outfit your jet with)

  • Have you guys heard of this?

    Holy shit!

  • @TheSigui Love the new version from the screenshot, looks much more organized!

  • @Golden_Darknezz better visuals, but the music makes my stomach tickle, have played with the music far too long i guess. my childhood was full of it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Ace Combat 7 this year. ^_^

  • @Golden_Darknezz yesyesyesyes i'm hyped

    Man wtf is happening to me i didn't even know about this franchise a year ago

  • Alright so I thought of another thing that would be nice to add. I am not sure if I've mentioned this already as I looked through the posts and didn't see it. A more responsive "smooth" like rolling, yawing and movement effect for aircraft. Currently yawing with the jets just feels plain unnatural. It kind of fights ya. Where's in Ace Combat or Project Wingman it's 100% smooth and responsive to yaw. I highly suggest for everyone here to download Project Wingman since it's basically a fan made Ace Combat game for PC. I think using it for reference would be quite beneficial and help create a better understanding of how the aircraft should behave. It uses all of the basic principles for AC and is completely free to download.

  • @TheSigui Great work on the HUD. Looks really awesome! :)

  • Thanks !
    @Kryo4lex @Camxxcore @Dilapidated @Oskar
    If anyone can work on something else than the HUD meanwhile, here are two small improvements that could be made, on video :

    • Afterburner quicks in less easily
    • More realistic landing physics (as seen in second video)
    • Smoke effects when landing @LeeC2202
    • Landing with parachute for jets like the SU-30

    Dunno if any of this is possible tho.
    @Hyper-Droid because it is my 420th post on this site

  • @TheSigui I will look into these things (: I would agree the overall handling of aircraft in the game is a bit wonky.

    I updated my countermeasures script, and after some sneaky memory patching, I managed to change the colour of the flares to be pretty realistic. You would think changing something as simple as the colour would have been an easier task.. wow.. Anyway, it would be great if someone was willing to try it out so I know nothing breaks across game versions or the r*/ steam versions.

  • @CamxxCore I volunteer to test this out with my quickly, badly-modded and instable game :smile:
    Btw, it might be time for you to release the Jet Blast script as a beta on 5 mods

  • @TheSigui Fair point. I can't let it join the pile of half- done never released mods... D: Here is the newer flares script: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpsn97nv4h9hkj3/IRFlares-New.rar?dl=0

  • @CamxxCore Thanks ! Making sure to test it.
    Edit : testing it, looks very, very nice with the Mirage 2000
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    (btw @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA if you could update this one with livery support, better texture mapping, better collision, landing flaps, working front wheels and better reflections it would be perfect, this is such a nice plane) :)

  • @CamxxCore So far I love it. But I feel it should be less obvious that the flares pop out of mid air right underneath the jet. Is there anyway for it to pop out of a flare dispenser? http://tinyurl.com/zqlzkr5
    I believe the detailed aircraft that Fox and Skyline have released have these details somewhere. Is it possible to be able to choose where it comes out of at all? As an additional effect, I think choosing how many flares pop would be cool as well.

    Considering the bugs, I noticed that you cannot fire missiles when using the flares as it spoofs your own. Also the spoofing effect lasts for about an additional 3 more seconds after all flares have been used so missiles still miss even tho technically they shouldn't. And the missiles that are spoofed seem to always fly to the right upwards. Would be pretty awesome if it's possible to have them hit the flares or explode randomly.

  • @CamxxCore well still looking forward to more updates of that jet thrust script ;D
    Maybe a semi-realistic version with bigger zone of affection would be gr8?
    I need to fly so close to the ground to get this shot XD
    alt text

  • @TheSigui Ok well the smoke isn't supposed to be red like that :P not sure what went wrong, but i'm going to look now..

    @Golden_Darknezz I'll see if I can make it less obvious. So they don't seem to appear out of nowhere. Not sure if there are any props in the game that could imitate that :/

  • @Elope Be careful, at this altitude, you might get being pulled over by a cop

    @CamxxCore red flares look unrealistic, but gorgeous hehe
    About the jet blast script, maybe the user could modify the width of the jet blast via a ini file :D

  • @TheSigui I updated the original file. All should be ok now. And that might be a good feature for the other script, you are right. I think I might as well just release it, since the community is the best critic of anybody.

  • @CamxxCore (sorry about the annoying motion blur already) your flares look okay now sir.
    Does this work still?

    However, i don't know if you can modify this, but there's a small issue with the R* Editor :
    When the frame is paused : afterburner present, flares present, but annoying motion blur


    When i go a little further, and go back then to the same frame : no more motion blur, but no afterburner either, and about the flares...well. To make it work again, i have to reload the script, wich i can't do in the editor :/

    Rick James

  • @TheSigui Can this editor problem be fixed with the same trick you have to use with my helicopter mod, where you set a marker, let it run past it, pause it then jump back to the marker?

  • @LeeC2202 well this is the technique that ended to the last screenshot :P
    Also the big dark clouds just behind the plane, don't worry CamCore, their are from Kryo's Sonic Boom mod (wich needs some little perfections btw)

  • @TheSigui That's odd then, all the script-spawned particles I've tried seemed to work with that trick... that's a bit of a pain. Ooooh, unless they're looped particles that is.

  • @LeeC2202 I know, editing and screenshot-taking are pure pain and sweat trying to make it work...
    And @Camxxcore probably wrote the code in a different way than yours, so it may be difficult to help him on this point

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