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[Script][Vehicle] Fighter Jet improvement mod (RDE)

  • "Oh no... Is he creating another request thread ?"
    Yep, sorry, can't help it. :laughing:

    Anyway, i was chatting with @Kryo4lex about the recently released Super Sonic (Higher Jet Speed/Effects) when an ambitious, yet simple idea came to our minds : what if we created a mod that goes even beyond adding afterburner acceleration and sonic blast effects, but simply improves the fighter jets in pretty much every aspect ? :slight_smile:
    Here are ideas shared in comments of the mod and in various forum threads :

    The goal of this would be to produce a user-friendly, easy-to-install modpack that would completely overhaul the jet combat aircraft experience.

    Those are the many details that R* forgot to put in the game, yet make a huge difference in the experience, just like the jet blast script.

    Tagging scripters ( @LeeC2202, @Camxxcore, @Oskar, @JulioNIB, @JediJosh920, @Ortega, @FIFAsam if they are not too busy)
    And people who like planes or big improvements ( @Akila_Reigns, @nathanjamesddg151, @DarthPungz, @Golden_Darknezz, @Richie01, @Elope, @Frazzlee, @Zackintosh )

  • @TheSigui I'm still looking for a more realistic, cone shaped sonic boom for that mod, the current doesn't look good in R* Editor. Hopefully someone will create one. :slight_smile:

    I like the missile idea as well, It's funny and annoying to see aircraft firing RPGs.
    I think @FoxtrotDelta managed to add a missile model for his Rocket launcher truck, so it's better to ask him.

  • @Akila_Reigns i have already created my F-16F with new missiles and dorpable bombs, they disappear from the aircraft too. i mean when you fire them. they actually disappear from the aircraft. and travel in air. i have very high ranges too. but these shall be released in late january 2017 next year.

  • @FoxtrotDelta It's a good thing I mentioned you then.

  • @Akila_Reigns the OP did too.

  • @FoxtrotDelta What's your problem? I don't have anything against you, just trying to help.

  • @Akila_Reigns excuse me? and "OP" means Original Poster. i am not sure what problem you are referring too?

  • @FoxtrotDelta I know that, somehow today you didn't seem friendly like you used to be. :( Sorry.

  • @Akila_Reigns o.O i can't see why? was there anything offensive posted my me recently? do tell. & its okay i don't mind.

    #####Edit: no need to say Sorry.

  • @TheSigui & the engine nozzle opening and closing for increased thrust , that is kind of hard to do, but of course a script could help.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Your post made me feel like my post doesn't matter because OP posted it first, and it kinda made me angry and sad. I'm sorry if that's a miscommunication.

    Please continue this discussion, I really have nothing to do to help you guys. :(

  • @Akila_Reigns someone has a bad mood today. cheer up ! i know you always try to help. i was just stating the fact that the OP had done that too. i thought you didn't notice that, hence i said it. i have been busy with work and playing onine gta 5 since the last dlc. so didn't have much time to comment here. but i do visit every now and then. i shall start posting mods in january . starting with Humvee of nathan james. and then raptor trax.

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in [Script][Vehicle] Fighter Jet improvement mod:

    playing onine gta 5 since the last dlc.

    You play online? That's something I might never do. :laughing:

  • @FoxtrotDelta this is a very neat feature. Do you think it can be included somehow to this mod ?

  • @TheSigui nozzle exhaust of the engine, can be done with scripts yes. i think so. but i have no knowledge of scipts. so other might give an accurate answer, those who are scirpters.

  • @FoxtrotDelta what about the missiles function ? I know it's impossible for stock planes (they still should be compatible with the mod, just doing less effects than modded Aircraft) but it really can be the standard for all modded fighter planes, and use this mod as a starting point

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in [Script][Vehicle] Fighter Jet improvement mod:
    I find it greatly amusing that what I once thought was too simple for anyone to give a crap is something other people thought bothersome too lol. I asked cam for the missile thingy long ago but he was too busy with other stuff. Perhaps I should have brought it to everyone's attention sooner with a simple forum post? lol

    Since everyone is focusing on this some other stuff that is bothersome is well, the way the jets are handled to begin with. Here's a list:
    -Missile trail needs to be white and long.
    -Missile tracking needs to actually chase properly. One way is the missile aiming ahead of its target to actually run into it.
    -Chaff and Flare need to exist with the missiles exploding in mid-air if/when they collide with chaff/flare. Hostile aircraft /gunships/helicopters popping chaff/flare would seem much more appropriate than flying sporadically trying to dodge don't ya think?
    -HUD. Need a freaking HUD for the love of ace combat. AC's/Flaming Cliffs 3 HUD would do perfect wonders. This would include locking onto an enemy with the proper sounds/icons/weapons. AC-130/Predator Drone would love and benefit from this.
    -Expandable weaponry. JDAM's/Hellfire Missiles/AIM-120/Sidewinder's etc for sure need to exist. JDAM's would be great looking through a camera kind of like how in BF3's campaign mission Going hunting. Using the camera in the mission "eye in the sky" seems perfect.
    -Thrust Vectoring. Yes it's been attempted by R*'s shitty implantation config files (that by the way are NEVER used in vanilla) but it's no where good enough to what it needs to be. Think HAWX style.
    -If possible, holy shit do choppers and tanks need some loving as well. Being in an Apache would be 10X more awesome if I could have a proper HUD and swap to the gunner seat with infrared. Will probably make a tank thread but it doesn't take much imagination to see what they are missing as well. *hint they are missing just about everything aircraft are XD

    That's about all that's at the top of my head. Love seeing GTA V become much more immersive/silly. I know this isn't ARMA but it could still be much better than freaking vanilla GTA V. :)

  • @Golden_Darknezz

    this ^

    I agree 100%. If Rockstar has bothered to include critical things such as a golf minigame with a hud and all, then why not improving the jet fighters as well ? :slight_smile:

  • Holy crap almost forgot to mention the complete removal of Turbulence. Universal removal that will override all handling files. Seriously screw that crap. It's annoying and bothersome.

    Last thing to gripe about, handling of helicopters. (improve upon jets? I guess a BF3 third person camera would do nice I am used to that for various reasons.) copy and paste BF3's handling. Seriously flying a helicopter should not be a chore. Jets are meh but could be better. I really like Battlefield 3's handling for aircraft. Especially in third person. So use that as reference? :)

  • @Golden_Darknezz im afraid that many things, in gta 5 might not be practically possible. we might need a different game for all that, but most of the stuff can be done. not all.

  • @Golden_Darknezz Are the turbulences realistic ?

  • @TheSigui I'll try to improve my IR Flares mod the next days.

  • @Oskar great ! It will be one of the features of the modpack

  • Okay, so for the mod, a HUD (both for FPS and 3rd person views) needs to be created.
    I was thinking about an Ace Combat-inspired one, because it's simple and blends well with GTA V's flat-design hud and radar.
    Here it is for the first person view
    alt text
    and here it is for a 3rd person view (sorry for poor quality)
    alt text

    So, we can either make this hud override the GTAV jet fighter hud, or make it work with the existing one.
    I can recreate it from scratch with Photoshop. Also, 4K support.
    Any suggestions ?

  • @TheSigui What about contacting the author of the GPWS Alert script?and put this together with the scripts?
    this is also a must have for the aeroplane enthusiasts :D

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