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[Script][Vehicle] Fighter Jet improvement mod (RDE)

  • @Elope Right. Tagged @XMOD and sent him a message about the hud and the permission for his mod.

  • @Frazzlee i think the variables and moving lines would need a script for them to work. They have to be the same colour of the interface and to detect the player's screen resolution, to not mess up when installed.

  • This is all very interesting :D These kind of mods are right up my alley. I'd like to help if I can. Is there any coordination as to who will be working on what parts of this?

  • @CamxxCore The most I can do is simply suggest. I am pretty happy everyone is getting together to improve upon the flying experience in GTA V. Too bad I can't contribute as much as I'd like too.

  • @CamxxCore We are still waiting for other scripters like @Leec2202, @JulioNIB and @Xmod to respond. But the first thing that can be done is the HUD i think.

    Flash Edit : actually, it would be nice to have a planning of what is going to be done, the different "stages" of the mod. I propose :


    1. the HUD (@CamxxCore can collab with @Kryo4lex and @xmod (?) on it, @Frazzlee can also help, but he won't have much time)
    2. the reactor flaps effects ( @Camxxcore, @Kryo4lex, @FoxtrotDelta and @SkylineGTRFreak)
    3. the missiles that disappear from the plane, with white smoke (@CamxxCore (?) and @FoxtrotDelta)
    4. other improvements (not defined yet)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Refresh your page pls, i made an important edit

  • @Frazzlee my last comment
    edit : lol

  • @Frazzlee If I could the whole scripting haha. Just ideas for now. Something that came to mind is long range engagements. I remember in the Battleground script by Rayblazes he had a feature for airstrikes. And the aircraft would seem to spawn from a very far distance, and then bomb the crap out of the designated target. The only problem I saw was that when they flew by (at a very fast speed) if there were mountains around or terrain, they would just noclip right through them. Perhaps a similar design would allow "realistic" spawning for hostile aircraft and long range missile launches? Also, there could be two types of missile launches, heat and radar guided. Which would explain the usefulness for Chaff (radar) and Flare (infrared).

    ^That's what I said sorry forum posting here can sometimes be confusing lol.

  • @Frazzlee And that's why i have a GTX 1070 and i7 lol. GTA V needs to be pushed farther for me.

  • @TheSigui Yeah, I think the best solution for the HUD will probably be to draw a texture and use native functions to draw the dynamic text, such as airspeed, the status of the weapons etc. Maybe we have variants that can be swapped out to represent different HUD functions (A red crosshair for locked on status, red warning text for incoming missiles). This is probably the only way to do it unless we can add new scaleform/ actionscript containers (which we can't, as far as I know). Drawing the artificial horizon is probably possible with native functions. Might be a bit messy, but probably can be done :)

  • I almost forgot, this is also something I asked for when the KA-52 popped up in the modding section:

    I mean hey if everyone is going to try their hardest in making the best jet overhaul ever why not cover some helicopter features too? should just be an aircraft overhaul really. :)

  • @Golden_Darknezz actually, i have planned this mod as the first stage of a series of "general improvement" packs. After this one, there will be a pack for helicopters (wich will include this awesome eject function), then civil passenger and cargo aircraft :slight_smile:
    Then maybe we can but all of that together.

  • @Frazzlee @CamxxCore Well then i create a texture for everything, even the lines that move

  • @TheSigui You are awesome my friend. Also, it would be nice to add the chair flying out too don't ya think? I always thought that the ejections in GTA V were a bit half assed. And that the ejections needed to go farther into the air.

  • @CamxxCore @Kryo4lex
    Okay here's the HUD basis i made for scripters using Photoshop 7.0
    It is available for download here : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/mwecobb5ct2y6/DA_HUD_FILES

    alt text
    There are three versions, including one without the values that can change.
    If you see any inaccuracies in here, just tell me and i'll modify it.
    Color code : 00BAFF
    Font : VCR OSD - size : 55,05

  • @TheSigui I can rip the Ace Combat warning missile sounds from an AC 5 PS2 ISO. (I own the game lol)
    Should I do it? Also, about flares and chaff, I believe they should be able to be customized on where exactly they pop out.

    Julion gave that ability I believe. Same with where rockets, guns, and missiles. something similar for aircraft here as well?

  • @Golden_Darknezz Please rip as many sounds as you can. It's a pain to find such precise sounds from other sources like Youtube.
    Also, maybe i can modify some a little if they need to.

  • @TheSigui Is it possible to add in back the feature from GTA IV to blow off Helicopter tails? I kind of miss hitting their tails with an RPG and seeing them spin out of control. Also, I got some AC3 sounds, love the bullseye :)

  • I have lots of sounds from DCS: World including AWACS, Tanker and general chatter. There was once an idea to implement them into RDE, but I believe that was scrapped

  • @Golden_Darknezz patience... this will come with the heli pack ;)

  • @Golden_Darknezz @SkylineGTRFreak
    That I think might be possible....? I remember one of skyline's helis (MH-60T?I forgot,or it's someone else's heli) can disable the tail via trainer and itt will sin like in IV so the system is still there,just need to find out a way to use it
    The MH-60T? 's tail is set as a extra so if we set the flag 'extra_can_break_off'or something like that might give us the effect

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Those lock on sounds and HUD are probably way more authentic than AC's. But having a choice between arcade and realistic is always nice. :D

  • I made a better HUD basis, mainly based on Ace Combat 6.
    I deleted the useless features that you saw on the previous one.
    In this screenshot, you can see everything the hud is gonna show from 3rd person view : targets, missile alerts, signals, health, etc.
    alt text
    In-game screenshot by @Akila_Reigns
    Download the template : http://www.mediafire.com/view/zg9su9mijsnhcpm/HUD2-1template.png

  • @TheSigui
    Holy shit. What about radar? replace the ugly default Vanilla one on the bottom left.

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