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[Script][Vehicle] Fighter Jet improvement mod (RDE)

  • @nathanjamesddg151 yep, nozzle

    IT could work if you welded the flaps together and Made a script which would scale up the Y/Z axis ingame

  • @nathanjamesddg151 exact, thanks

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Fun fact: The F-15 Eagle lacks the exhaust petals due to a design error, but it only increases aerodynamic drag by 3%.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak oh. the engine exhaust nozzle, nope that's a scirpter thing.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Would that also need to change something in the plane models, or would it just need a script to work ?

  • @TheSigui will need to change the model , we shall have to make those petals, individual dummies or groups, so that a script can move them. in anyway the scripters want's them to move.

  • @TheSigui just tested the sonic boom mod. scrpts are awesome!. Sorry i had to reduce the video quality though. for upload.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Then maybe @Camxxcore's help would be welcome on this.
    I just saw the video, nice editing and still great quality, but it made me realise my sound effects sound terrible and unrealistic in-game. Gonna improve them, thanks

  • @TheSigui cool, and the smoke is too much. causes fps drops. but overall an awessome mod.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks ! Btw, wich sound effects do you prefer ? Boom_1, 2, 3 or 5 ?

  • @FoxtrotDelta thx for feedback

  • I'd be all for this, in RDE 3.0 we added a lot of enhancements to our jet fighting. If you damage an enemies jet enough they will parachute out for safety and they are no longer shy with missiles or cannon. It's really quite difficult to survive long in the air with a jet @ 4 stars or higher. Would be nice to have a collage of these improvements in a single mod.

  • @TheSigui It would be pretty straight forward. I imagine we will want to collaborate at some point to combine all these features into one centralized script, avoiding the clutter?

    • Or maybe it makes sense to make it more modular.

  • @Dilapidated @CamxxCore Well. This Fighter Jet Improvement is still at the beginning of it's development, and personally, i find it difficult to decide yet if we are going or not to include all of this in RDE.
    Also, there are some other improvement packs for helicopters and civil aircraft planned.
    But for now, i can see two solutions (if anyone has another suggestion, please say it) :

    • We include the Jet Fighter Improvement in RDE, and declare it, as every other improvement planned (helis and civil planes), as an update. The main advantages would be to have a very centralized and easy-to-install mod, having also the benefits of RDE's popularity. It would also complete it's overhauls already made on jet fighters. One downfall : less modularity.

    • We release the Jet Fighter Improvement as a separate package, on the upload page of the most popular modder who participated in the project. During this, we would still collab with the Realism Team to perfect the compatibility with RDE and have some help on this mod. The main advantages would be to let the user decide wich package (Fighter, helis or civil aircraft) he would install in his game with or without RDE, so more modularity, as Camxxcore mentioned. Also, it RDE would be less huge to explain on one single upload page. Downfall, probably less popular because not included in RDE.

    Those are the advantages and inconvenients i see for now, and i'm really 50% for each one.
    Pretty hard, i think. Anyone has an idea of wich one is the best choice ?

  • @TheSigui @CamxxCore

    One big benefit with adapting this to rde aside from the popularity is that the biggest chunk of the ground work had already been done. We even have methods in place that take over vanilla/game spawned vehicle AI. So far this is true for jets, tanks, lavs, helicopters, boats, submarines, and even anti air lavs.

    Specific to jets we have the aforementioned parachuting ai, improved attack ai, dodging ai (if targeting an enemy jet they attempt to evade), and the radar ai where unless you fly low you cannot evade radar or jet pursuit.

  • @Dilapidated This just turned me into being 85% favorable for the option to include this mod to RDE compared to the other one. The "General Improvements" we're working on are indeed perfect to complete even more the huge overhaul that is RDE.
    All i want is a better, more fun, more complex game. So i'm okay if the Fighter Jet general Improvement, followed by the next ones, are included in RDE upon it's release.

    All the features you described to me are very attractive and some of them were even going to be included in this mod. Merging the two would save a considerable amount of time, in addition to all the advantages i cited in my previous post.

    After thinking about it, we could mix and tweak RDE's work with this mod for a perfect compromise between realism, complexity and fun. With the hud and the many functions the "General improvements" promises, maybe we're about to create the best mod ever concerning jet fighters, and later, all aircraft.

    Well, i'm looking forward to work with you and the Realism Team on this, if the rest of us is fine with that. :slight_smile:

    By the way, with all the things RDE changes, aren't the descriptions getting very big ?

  • @TheSigui I honestly think incorporating it with RDE is one of the best solutions and should be included. Something on the side that would be pretty cool would be Ace Combat style missions to take. Was going to suggest basically remaking a mission from AC and implement it into GTA V. Would be pretty cool. Another thing would be a completely customizable HUD, ranging from AC1-6 or something more Flaming Cliffs like. Personally I love AC3's the most. I think I like AC too much haha.

  • So I just experimented with drawing custom fonts for a jet HUD. Unfortunately, a custom font cant't be applied (or I am too stupid) when drawing text of the HUD. Only the fonts of the game fonts can be used for now. so my question is, which one of these 5 fonts would you guys prefer for a jet HUD?

    alt text

    My personal favorites are 1 and 4.

    @FoxtrotDelta, @SkylineGTRFreak @Akila_Reigns, @nathanjamesddg151, @DarthPungz, @Golden_Darknezz, @Richie01, @Elope, @Frazzlee, @Zackintosh @TheSigui

  • @Kryo4lex IMO, 2nd or 4th.

  • @TheSigui I'd be fine with collaborating and using RDE as the foundation for it. We already include a bunch of optional things users can select from so logistics wise thats already been accounted for. The way I envision it is this: The script would be standard across all versions but options provided via INI and XML per the users selection. That's the way we've always done RDE so it would follow that path. We have the installer for this and so it shouldn't be hard to include these options just with a few clicks of a mouse the first time they install the mod. If you can gather some programmers that share the same passion for making this a reality I can setup a github and we could get started on this in the very near future.

    As far as the description goes.... that's hard enough to explain as it is now lol. I'm not worried in the slightest of it getting even more complicated to explain. Preferably we just make a bunch of videos and instead of explaining we just show them.

    As far as models go.... that's something we'd work out later on. Skyline has provided some awesome jet models that's already incorporated so we have a lot to work with right off the bat. The programming would be first and foremost.

  • @Kryo4lex 4th.

  • @Dilapidated I will try to get some scripters and people who want to participate then. (Sorry for the short answer, i'm on my phone) The Github is a good idea too. Are programmers and scripters the same btw ?

  • Because the development have started, @Akila_Reigns, please move the thread to WIP.
    Suggestions are still welcome.

  • @TheSigui Done.

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