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[Script][Vehicle] Fighter Jet improvement mod (RDE)

  • @TheSigui Well it's more down to how the game deals with particles. There are two types, looped and non-looped.

    Non-looped particles play a cycle, expire and get deleted.

    Looped particles have to be managed as they seem to have a finite amount that can be displayed. Because the editor can't run your script, it can't manage and delete particles that should have expired and it eventually runs out of IDs to assign, so stops generating them.

    That is what forced me to use non-looped for all my effects because when they run out in the editor, it seems to carry back into the game as well.

  • Oh i see, so it's actually fixable. Thanks @LeeC2202 for clearing this up :slight_smile:

  • @TheSigui Well as you say, these particles may well have been written differently and knowing @CamxxCore and his vastly superior knowledge with GTAV modding, that might not be the cause of this problem.

    I just know I had all sorts of problems with them, the water effects got bigger, got more translucent and moved away from the helicopter when I tried it on them... and going back to the game left them in that state. So I thought it was worth mentioning, even if it didn't apply in this situation. I'd rather risk being wrong, than keeping a possible solution to myself.

  • @LeeC2202 This is wise to say that, that to say nothing indeed ^^ i guess we'll have to see what @Camxxcore can do with it.

  • @CamxxCore Btw, could the flares set on fire things they collision whith ? Would be particularly fun in this kind of situation

    alt text


  • @LeeC2202 I wonder if this would be solved if we could hook the scrubbing function and delete the particles as necessary? From what you are saying this could potentially fix it, right? If so, maybe I'll look into it. @TheSigui Lol. That would add some character to the mod. Probably will add it.

  • @CamxxCore Would you need to hook the spawning as well to get the IDs or would you simply do a REMOVE_PARTICLE_FX_IN_RANGE kind of thing? As I said the @TheSigui my idea is simply speculating based on seeing how the looped particles have behaved when I used them.

    I just know that if you just keep spawning them without managing them, they stop spawning and just presume that any script-spawned particles, might well fall outside the editor's ability to mange them itself. Any that appear from the vehicles or other game events, will be generated as a natural consequence of the game's internal particle generation, which is probably why they seem to work fine.

    It's might be something worth trying, that's for sure, because I know script-spawned particles are a real bug-bear in the editor.

  • @LeeC2202 Based on the fact that the problem carries over into the game after exiting the editor, I think you are on the right track. I will see what i can find out about the editor and if there is a straightforward way to hijack the "scrubbing" action. I'm not sure if that functionality can be hooked from C code or if it is all managed by script somewhere.

  • Also, @Camxxcore, @FoxtrotDelta and @SkylineGTRfreak, would it be possible to work on the exhaust nozzle flaps ? @Camxxcore could create a small script, while Foxtrot and Skyline could accord themselves on what parts should be moving for compatibility between their models ^^
    I'm saying this because i've seen Skyline releasing a lot of jet fighters recently, so i don't want to see all of them lacking this neat feature and needing to be worked on, again.

  • @TheSigui Problem is...

    1. The nozzles use a shitton of individual parts
    2. Fighter jets have different nozzles and can't just use the same movement. For example, look at the F-16C, F-15C and F-14A. They all have different nozzle systems :/

  • @SkylineGTRFreak hm i see... Just saw some videos of them (especially already put in video games, like ace combat Infinity), and indeed they use different systems. However, i don't know if it's right, but they all seem to have the same kind of animation : flaps wrap around the exhaust when not at full thrust/afterburner. Maybe the script only could rotate up and down individual parts according to the acceleration... But the problem is indeed, a lot of individual parts.
    Though, I'm not very aware of all the very differences between all these systems.

  • @TheSigui The up/down movement would work for planes like F-16 or F-18, but F-15 and F-14 are more complicated

  • @TheSigui we can make petals individual s, but contract and relaxing part would be difficult

  • @FoxtrotDelta how exactly would the movement be difficult ? Are they moving in another way that just a rotation ?
    I was thinking about having maximum and minimum values for when the petals are respectively fully open and fully closed, each different for every model, so the script only has to switch progressively between thoses values according to acceleration. I don't know if i'm explaining myself clearly here :no_mouth:

  • Just to clear things up about the HUD, @Kryo4Lex and I are going to be real busy this month (ah, the pleasure of exams) and development on the Head-Up Display will resume, at best, near the end of January.

    Of course, other works on improvements are still highly encouraged. :slight_smile:


    @TheSigui I have been quite busy myself these past weeks and thus my lack of posting... I am patiently waiting and following this thread with shiny eyes of anticipation though :smile:

  • Coming out for PC...well that made me ecstatic. But hey new models to rip for GTA V? :D

  • @Golden_Darknezz Awesome!!!! I'm tempted to buy it.. Haven't played an ace combat game in forever.


    @TheSigui I meant to mention before that I would really like it if more model makers could include the ladder, wheel blocks, and pre-flight tags on air craft model as components. It just looks really cool to see the plane sitting on the tarmac with a ladder and stuff...

    I am worried though, would those models spawned as in light traffic be flying around with ladders and tags on them?

  • @Golden_Darknezz Oh god, i like it, i talk about ace combat ;)

  • For everyone thinking this is dead, no it isn't all people involved are just busy with RL stuff :P

    So gave my JET HUD mod a small update. Read the mod description for more details, and what we plan to add in the future!

    Other mod plans: Nose up landing, stiffer Jet handling, lesser turn rate for my Super Sonic mod at higher speeds and the violett flame effect after the Afterburner kicked in.

  • @Kryo4lex But what if the thread was not kill by real life stuff ?

  • Any updates on what's going on?

  • Okay, sorry no update yet, except that Kryo is still working on some slight improvements and that i've been revoked from school for this semester, so i'm going to be back real soon.

    Completely off-topic, sorry, but this is imprortant stuff about Project Wingman (yep, the promising Ace Combat clone), if anyone has a bit more contact with the author of the game, please send him this video :

    It is about the sound effects and how they can be improved.
    Thanks in advance ^^

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