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[VEHICLE][RELEASED] Mercedes Benz AMG Vision GT

  • Originally i was just going to send this mod out to my close friends as a VIP model but i kept working on it and figured id just share it with everyone.


    Interior isnt much. Its hard to get nice interiors on concept cars. I tried to just give the cockpit view something extra so its not cancer on the eyes. Made a custom dash, custom rims as well as steering and smaller details for it. Created struts and a spoiler so it has the auto spoiler as well. Every red part in this picture except the brake lights is a emissive light texture that can change color using secondary paint.

    Also the front LEDs ive made several patterns for them that can be toggled in the extas menu.


  • ;) I even have a RSQ concept and a Devel Sixteen concept but not gonna release because of the no interiors issue lol.

    Might be able to release this Vision GT today actually. Didnt have to go into work wooo

  • @Frazzlee said in [VEHICLE][WIP] Mercedes Benz AMG Vision GT:

    Yeah i got a shitty work schedule

  • Gorgeous work, as always. The lights are so fancy :)

    Looking forward to the next ones!

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