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  • we already have V cars to SA.. but what about the total opposite... remake of SA(and before) Cars in HD Universe.. I know some of them made their way through GTA IV back in time but now I feel like they are needed more than ever.. I had that in mind when the Import Export DLC came out .. with all these new cars and especially the Elegy Retro Custom which is basically an HD version of the SA Elegy

    I posted in the thread of the Classic Cheetah thread and in the Classic Turismo thread right in there to check developpement of these...

    yeaah yeaahh I know..I kinda have a weird comeback to my head with these old GTA Cars... and want to have a couple of them... (if I had the damn hardware to support it then I'll be rocking IVPack for GTA V... but I can't..[College student life... I have a FX6120+xFx R9 270x+8GB of RAM... this crash from time to time for no reasons......]) the only thing that is working in the IVPack for me / that does NOT crash the game, is the gameconfig file... that allow me to add cars since I tried all others on GTA5Mods and they all crash my game.. right now I have a V8 swapped drift Chavos (messed a bit with its handling file and vehicle.meta) the CLASSIC Cheetah found on GTAForums (which I finally managed to install successfully) the 2 classic Patriot (standard and military version) a Sultan RS that looks like a van a Contender in Trophy Truck version a Warenner UTE and a modified version of the Titan that shoot missiles, minigun and that can land on water... all these as addons..

    I want more classics... like IDK... an HD version of the
    old SA ZR350 by example would be cool to have the RX-7 based car back in V along with the Flash which is I think based on a VW Golf I would also like to see a totally made from scratch Mazda MX5 inspired car to fit the GTA V Universe... maybe too with the SA Turismo and infernus all HD

  • @ACKING_QC the quality of SA is very bad, I doubt you'll find people willing to improve those

  • @Frazzlee said in [VEHICLE] OLD GEN to V:

    @ACKING_QC the quality of SA is very bad, I doubt you'll find people willing to improve those

    there is already HD version out there made for IV .. I think it's just a story to convert them.. I tried myself.. failed miserably...

  • @ACKING_QC import to ZM2, convert to z3d, detatch parts, rename, set materials, export, done

  • @Frazzlee ZM2 2.26 build 992 ? yeahh error at launch in W10 pro

  • @Frazzlee said in [VEHICLE] OLD GEN to V:

    @ACKING_QC the quality of SA is very bad, I doubt you'll find people willing to improve those

    also.. look at what I found :

  • @Frazzlee said in [VEHICLE] OLD GEN to V:

    @ACKING_QC the quality of SA is very bad, I doubt you'll find people willing to improve those

    THIS ONE TOO !! look at 3:56 the all original SENTINEL (even if I want to see GTA IV sentinel, I want to see this one in V too)

  • I don't know which build I use, I'm not even gonna ask if you have legit version cos no one does, remove profile.xml and try again

  • @Frazzlee didnt worked

  • There are very Few Vehicles which are worth Bringing to GTA 5.

  • @ACKING_QC install framework for it

  • @FoxtrotDelta few .. but the rest of them are... somewhat a must.. like the old Turismo (an HD version was made for GTA IV .. I hink that converting it would be a must!)

  • Your PC specs are better than mine but my game never crash when I install IVPack.

  • @NovaRuk must be luck... 'cause it crashes every 5 to 10 minutes... my CPU is a crappy shit (FX6120) and I know it... I want a 8320 or 8350... but since my PC is a prebuilt one transfered in a modded case (in which I added an xFx R9 270X , Cooler Master Hyper T4 and a 560W PSU) I need to change my Motherboard (cant handle any other CPU + not enough USB Ports) + my RAM (since my RAM is a crappy DDR3 8GB made by Hyundai clocked at 1333 Mhz) and that can get pretty expensive if I want to "renew my old 2012 FutureShop PC"

  • @ACKING_QC i'm actually making an infernus classic from GTA vice city. Ik got my inspiration from the cheetah classic by thundersmacker and used a Countach as base with custom front bumper, lights etc. Maybe i could do the same with cars from SA and use real Cars as a base to make them HD

  • @Mad_Brothers_3 OMG YES PLEASE! :kissing_heart:

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