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Supernatural [Script]

  • Hello everyone! Greetings, first post here, I am not a modder so please excuse me if I list anything to difficult/absurd but this is some ideas.

    This idea is Inspired by the show "Supernatural" I looked around all over the internet and on here, and youtube, and haven't seen any mod like this, all I have seen is Deans impala car in a mod for GTA5. I've also seen some people dress their character up as Sam & Dean but that's really about it.For this script It'd be nice if we could add their car in the script as well. maybe if you search the trunk you restock on ammo.

    My ideas are the following:

    A demonic apocalypse: - Much like the latest zombie mods but instead of zombies they have black eyes, and try to kill you in various ways. Demons in the show can kill pretty much anyway fighting or shooting as they're humans but they're possessed by a demon so anything can really go down so you can make people aggressive in cars, try to attack you, or even just shoot you but their eyes will be black and they'll be hostile towards you. Perhaps when they die black smoke emits from their body and seeps into the floor. If they are stabbed with the "special demon knife" their eyes glow and they die.Perhaps we could add in the Blade of Kane and the Colt pistol from the show.

    Characters: - Add in the characters Sam, Dean, and maybe even Bobby,John Winchester, and Castiel(add in blue eyes for archangels) or you can play as normal person just dressed up for combat and you're a "Hunter". Perhaps other characters can be added to play with as well.

    Safe Zones- when you're inside a painted "devils trap" on the floor demons cannot get you, these can be painted in certain areas of the map perhaps in paint. Another safe zone could be salt circles but only for ghost entity's in the grave yards, as salt circles wont stop demons.

    Grave yard Ghost - Inside Cemetery's Ghost entity's spawn. so basically see through style people spawn and try to harm you. You can fend them off with a " Salt Shotgun" either pump or sawed off or other kinds, it will shoot rock salt and fend off the ghost temporarily until you locate the ghost's dead body and burn it with gasoline to make sure it's souls is at rest and can't harm you. we could have certain areas where cemetery's are made/Modded bodys are hidden in various places and ghost spawn repeatedly until you burn their body you can highlight a area and give a "search region" so we're not searching the whole map for a dead body but once it's located we can use a gasoline tank and catch it on fire. Ghost won't spawn all over the citys like demons but we can have certain areas where they do spawn and have to be dealt with. Kind of like in the zombies mod where they have locations for bases, we could have the same but grave site locations instead.

    Hunter Bases: - Much like the zombie mods we can add in "Hunter bases" places where people go and set up a base camp. here you can restock, get weapons, gather supply's, meet/recruit other hunters and go fight more demons in the demonic apocalypse.

    Hell Hounds - Perhaps a Hell Hounds can be added in and attack the hunters/player it could be invisible and all you hear is the dogs footsteps and see footprints coming at you while hearing the loud barking. Hell hounds can be stopped momentarily with rock salt shotguns and killed with real bullets.

    Weapons: We could also have the "Angel Blade", Maybe "hex bags"? you toss them at demons and they fall on the floor and die. Sharpened Spears would be nice. Dean and Sams 1911 Colts would be nice.

    Exorcisms : Perhaps we could toss cell phones with audio recordings of exorcisms (like in the show) , the phone has a battery life and only has a few uses before it dies and can be a rare item and can act as a means to exorcise the demon once the demon is exorcised the person lives and can be now recruited to fight by your side in the demonic apocalypse as your hunting friend. The recordings are usually in latin/english so maybe the modders can find voice actors or use something online and i'm sure modding tossing phones into the game wouldn't be that hard. ( they have the mod where you toss a phone as a sticky and it blows up, wouldn't be that hard I imagine to edit in audio to play after it lands perhaps)

    Maybe vampires can be added and attack you, they can have blood stained clothes, and crazy looking eyes.

    Maybe in some areas werewolves can be added (ive seen a T-rex mod so im pretty sure its possible) you can kill them with bullets made of silver that can be found at maybe the bases. we can spawn the werewolves in the forest/wooded areas/mountains.

    I think a mod like this would be great... imagine running around killing demons, hell hounds, monsters, exorcising demons and meeting up with hunters and having a blast while doing it. Very different from zombies and a lot can be added into this I know the supernatural community is very large and well, even if you're not a fan of the show a GTA5 demonic apocalypse still sounds fun to play if the scripts made right.

    This is all I can think of for now.

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