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[SCRIPT][WIP]Weapons Overheat

  • Hello guys,
    I'm working on a script that will make the game more realistic and will reduce "rambo" moments.
    Don't get me wrong, they are still there and everyone of us like that, but I think that it's just not realistic that you can shoot 100/200 bullets without the gun become overheated.
    For now the script works with MG and Combat MG, I'm going to add support to the minigun and maybe some other weapons, I'm not sure. Soon I'll upload a video, so it does the talk ;)
    Hope you will find this script enjoyable! :D


    @Cloud_Power That sounds great, but I will have animation or player will only stop shoting?

  • @Reyser He will not be able to shoot for some time, to simulate the weapon cool down ;)

  • Sounds pretty great!
    Looking forward to it.

  • @GTATerminal @Reyser I'm so sad to inform you and everyone else who is reading that I have run into PC related problems. Only a couple of minutes ago I was able to restore the script I was working on, so the source code is in my hand, at least. I'll still have to wait for the PC to being fixed, though. I'm really sorry and I'm sure you will understeand. As soon as my PC will be fixed I'm going to update this topic and upload some mods I was working on. ;)

  • @Cloud_Power Ah, man, I feel your pain on that one.
    When I was making HostagesV my GPU went toast, and I couldn't work on it for a few weeks until new parts arrived. :/

    Hope you get it all sorted out soon.


    @Cloud_Power Np, good luck with it!

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