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Game Crash Error clr.dll

  • EVERYTIME I get into a gun fight and then take cover outside of my vehicle, I crash as soon as I try to get back inside. And the error is clr.dll. I updated my NET and did everything required to make sure its up to date but still get this god damn problem. ANYONE know what I should do? Its like i cant ever get into a gunfight then get back into car. Sometimes It happens randomly during a gunfight too without me gettin back into car.

  • @rmc273 What is your game version? Is it retail or Steam?

  • @Akila_Reigns Steam, and latest version.

  • @rmc273 Weird, this was one of the errors existed in v350.2 .

  • @Rjvisser01 I have the real version from steam, and the only game thats crashing is GTA V. Never had clr.dll problem till I started playing GTA V, is it a script problem? mods?

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