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[SCRIPT] Disable retarded vehicle explosions

  • I mean, this doesn't exist in real world, Cars don't explode when they fall/crash and their doors don't start flying off them when they do, Planes don't create a little explosion and their wings magically fall of them when they crash, or planes and helicopters generally don't explode with a crash landing, and vehicles never explode when shot with small arms and rarely, very rarely do when shot by big guns (125mm canon). And even when vehicles eventually explode, it won't ever look like this retarded GTA5 explosion. I've searched the internet for a mod that disables these annoying explosions, but i didn't find any. So, i'm just passing by to leave my suggestion.

  • I'll give it a stab. It will just take me some time.

  • @Rosbif gta realism mod (search it on the site) does that already, and soon will be released standalone. The other mod mentioned isn't perfect, it's a workaround.

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